Texas Football: How Mack Brown Is Failing Texas' Top Talent

Lisa Horne@LisaHornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterDecember 2, 2012

Dec 1, 2012; Manhattan, KS, USA; Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown following the Longhorns' 42-24 loss to the Kansas State Wildcats at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Sewell-US PRESSWIRE

Texas has always prided itself as the king of football, deservedly or not. Alabama may argue that point but Alabama doesn't have its own television network, while Texas has the Longhorn Network. Money is king in college football.

Texas football tolls a "Ka-ching" every Saturday in the fall.  

But since Texas won the 2005 BCS Championship against USC in one of the greatest BCS Championship games ever played, things have just been a sad state of mediocrity. 

The burnt orange uniforms are gorgeous, Bevo is majestic and the Longhorn fans are among the most passionate fans in football, but at some point the fluff has to be cast aside and fans need to ask themselves why Texas isn't competing for the BCS Championship every year. 

What is going on here?

Since 2006, Texas has had five recruiting classes ranked No. 3 or higher by Scout.com. The Longhorns' "worst" recruiting class in that time period was a No. 16 class in 2008 and the only reason why it was ranked that "low" was because Texas only signed 20 players to its class—it still had five top-100 athletes in that class. 

Right now, Texas has the No. 10 scout.com class of 2013 but Texas A&M has the No. 4-ranked class. Let that sink in. The team that was treated like a red-headed step-child in Texas is now kicking Texas' fanny in recruiting. Ricky Seals-Jones, the top recruit in the state of Texas, decommitted from Texas and may sign with Texas A&M. 

That's a huge red flag that shouldn't be ignored and frankly, it probably won't be.

It's one thing to recognize talent and develop that talent to its full potential. Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder is probably the best example of a coach who does this consistently, much to the admiration of his peers. 

But to sign blue-chip talent and not develop nor improve that talent is indicative of the problem at Texas. Basic fundamentals such as tackling have been inconsistent all season—so has the apparent gap discipline from the front seven. When a defender seems to be tackling at poor angles that indicates either he isn't staying home or is over-pursuing. 

This all can be fixed, but didn't Mack Brown say he was going to fix that problem? 

Mack may also want to fix this: "Kansas State has won five straight against Texas and its fans chanted "We own Texas" at the end of the game," according to Carter Strickland's ESPN.com article.

The state of Kansas owning Texas in football?

More concerning is that Mack Brown appears to be losing control of his emotions. After a controversial call that awarded Kansas State the ball near Texas' goal line instead of a touchback for Texas, Brown went HAM on the officials.

Brown's anger was justifiable but "he looked like angry old man trying to send back soup in a diner."

Perhaps Brown should direct his anger toward his coaching staff for failing the Longhorns' talent instead.

In the meantime, Kansas State owns Texas in football, Oklahoma shredded Texas 63-21 in the Red River Rivalry, TCU beat Texas 20-13 and we still don't know who the Longhorn starting quarterback will be in Texas' bowl game.

Maybe the Mayans were right. 


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