Ryback's WM Opponent, Leader of the Shield, Heels Not Getting over and More

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistDecember 1, 2012

Ryback's WM Opponent, Leader of the Shield, Heels Not Getting over and More

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Could SmackDown Ever See an Expanded Format

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    @JustinLaBar Is it possible to see SmackDown! becoming a 3 Hours Show? Is it profitable for WWE? #BR

    It would be profitable, but it would be a terrible idea.

    It would be profitable in the same way three-hour Raw episodes are profitable. The 8-9 p.m. EST time slot that USA Network uses to air NCIS gets better ratings with WWE in that slot.

    WWE Raw has lower ratings than it use to, but it is still the highest-rated regular programming on USA. It has a niche audience and airs once a week.

    SmackDown is also the highest-rated programming on Syfy, so I would imagine if a third hour ever happened, it would also garner better ratings than whatever it replaces.

    Bottom line though, that extra money isn't worth it. The quality would go down, and that's a whole other hour WWE has to produce. SmackDown is taped on Tuesday, the last day of what sometimes is a three-day stretch of stressful television for WWE.

    The extra dollars wouldn't be worth the stress and quality in the long run.

WWE Not Being Able to Get Heels over That Aren't Believable

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    @JustinLaBar thoughts on WWE trying & failing 2get generic 80's heels/characters over? I.e. Alberto Del Rio, Tensai, etc. #NotBelievable #BR

    I don't think the type of characters are the problem. In the examples you provided, both Del Rio and Tensai are extremely talented performers. Also, both are veterans of the wrestling business and are two of the smarter guys in the locker room.

    The problem is the placement. Alberto Del Rio is a good heel; however, the feuds he's been in have never really caught my interest. I often don't know why he is in conflict or the reason why he fighting his opponent. I'm sure some blame can go on him, but I fault WWE on the faces he's worked with at the times he has. I also fault WWE in his win-to-loss booking. He rarely has come up looking strong in high-profile situations.

    You can have the best talent in the world, but if the audience never believes they are a legitimate threat, nothing else matters.

    Stone Cold was an amazing character. However, if he would have gone out there drinking beer, stunning his boss and flipping the middle finger but ended up losing more frequently than winning in high-profile situations, fans would have eventually dropped off.

    Tensai is solid heel in my mind. He has a big, imposing look, and he has a physical, intimidating way about him in the ring. Some fans don't like the character, but I feel we never ever saw any development or attention to it. He cut one or two promos in brief Japanese.

    Same as Del Rio, with the placement and faces he was given. He really wasn't given any. He's yet to have one feud that culminates at a pay-per-view. Programs with John Cena and CM Punk were teased on episodes of Raw, but it's as if WWE never committed to anything.

Who Could Be Added to the Shield?

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    @JustinLaBar If you could add A leader(current superstar) to lead The Shield who would you pick? #BR

    I don't know if they need to be a leader, but I think Michael McGillicutty would be interesting.

    He has such an opening to talk about injustices. He can talk about being the son of the greatest ever and not getting the right recognition from WWE.

    I don't know if anyone else or if a leader is needed in The Shield, at least for right now. If there was going to be growth to this force of policemen in WWE trying to right the wrongs, I'd love for the son of Mr. Perfect to get some air time.

Ryback on the Road to WrestleMania

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    @JustinLaBar If it were up to you, how would you book Ryback on the road to Wrestlemania? #BR

    I really feel that Ryback against Brock Lesnar is worth a consideration.

    For the longest time, I thought Brock Lesnar should work with The Undertaker. I still would be in favor of that, but at this moment, I strongly believe CM Punk will work with The Undertaker. Or at least, that's a popular option on the table.

    To me, Ryback will eventually stop feuding with CM Punk here soon. I think WWE could deflect that feud over to another Paul Heyman guy with Brock Lesnar.

    Combining the strong image that WWE is creating around Ryback as this machine and the legitimate toughness Lesnar's name carries, I think this match will make people want to buy and see what happens. They especially will want to buy after Lesnar verbally of physically provokes “Big Hungry.”

    That is the definition of a draw in wrestling.