BCS Bowl Predictions 2012: Projecting Worst Potential Games on Slate

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BCS Bowl Predictions 2012: Projecting Worst Potential Games on Slate
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College football gets it wrong in so many ways.

Obviously, fans are cheated out of some sort of playoff every year, but at least that won't be the case much longer. However, fans still have to watch an undeserving Big East team or an overrated ACC team or a team that is only there because other great teams are sanctioned every season.

Shouldn't BCS games have the best teams in college football? Shouldn't these games depict the greatest teams of 2012? Instead, we get games like the ones we may see this bowl season.

 Nebraska vs. Stanford (Rose Bowl)

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Stanford is a quality team that deserves to play in a BCS bowl game, but does Nebraska? Would Nebraska defeat Ohio State if the two played in the Big Ten Championship game?


Would Nebraska defeat Penn State if the two played in the Big Ten Championship game? Maybe, maybe not.

Instead, because of the sanctions to Ohio State and Penn State, Nebraska plays 7-5 Wisconsin in the title game. Maybe the Badgers can upset Nebraska, but that would only make the Rose Bowl less watchable.

Then again, college football has a great way of rewarding teams who had average seasons, so it would make sense.

 Florida State vs. Louisville (Orange Bowl)

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Boy, doesn't this game get you fired up to watch the Orange Bowl? I can't wait to watch this beauty.

Florida State deserves to be in this game, but Louisville, despite being the best team in the Big East, is as undeserving as it gets.

Louisville has only defeated four teams with winning records and three came against Big East competition. The combined record of opponents Louisville defeated this year is 57-81.

The Cardinals' losses came against 5-6 Connecticut and 7-5 Syracuse.

Where would Louisville finish in the SEC? Last?

Yet instead of watching Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M (10-2 with a victory over No. 2 Alabama on the road) in a BCS bowl game, we have to watch Teddy Bridgewater and an undeserving Cardinals football team.

Makes sense...

Get your popcorn ready.

College football rewards 6-6 seasons with a trip to a bowl game. College football rewards lousy teams in lousy conferences with the right to play in BCS bowl games. College football rewards teams who weren't good enough to win a championship.

I understand money is the big issue here, and I understand rewarding several teams who had quality seasons, but I can't get excited to watch two teams who weren't good enough to make it to the BCS Championship game.

Until the playoff system is in place, the majority of the college football bowl season will remain a long wait that in the end isn't worth our time.

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