You Can Own It—For a Price.

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent IMarch 21, 2009

I always wonder about things. I know, fantastic opening sentence.

A few nights ago when Korea defeated Japan to advance to the WBC semifinals, they did to the Japanese exactly what was done to them in the 2006 semifinals.

Well I got to wondering, after the game ended and it was just the field crews, was the flag discarded?

I got my answer today while I was on the WBC website.

The flag is actually being auctioned off, and while I think it's cool that people could own a piece of baseball history, wouldn't that be better served going to some sort of museum?

Although I guess it is of too little significance to make it into a museum, but still, it carries enough significance to make a cool piece of history in your home, especially if Korea and Japan meet in the final.

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