15 Videos That Make Sports Fans Look Bad

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterDecember 1, 2012

15 Videos That Make Sports Fans Look Bad

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    Most sports fans out there are thoughtful and relatively even-keeled. They have a couple beers at the game, cheer the team on and act as a positive ambassador for their sport wherever they go.

    But as we all know, bad fans certainly do exist. Some make us cringe with their creepy fanaticism, and some need to be locked up for their own good and our own personal protection. And when they get on camera they can really do some damage to their fan base.

    The following 15 videos covers everything from the weird to the violent fan, and how they can give the rest of regular sports guys a bad name.

Jets Fans Tear Team Apart on Thanksgiving

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    Fireman Ed was right—Jets fans are outside their damn minds this season.

    With their team down 35-3 at halftime to the Patriots this past Thanksgiving day, sauced-up New York Jets fans unleashed a torrent of hatred on their team—blasting a slew of choice words and expletives as the players headed the locker room.

    Solid gold oldies like “You suck!” and “Ya bums!” were dusted off and thrown out by seething fans as the players walked into the tunnel. Some “fans” went even further—singling out butt-fumbling quarterback Mark Sanchez and calling for his backup Tim Tebow to play in the second half.

    This isn’t to say all Jets fans are all drunk a*holes—just a lot of them— and a lot of them ended up on camera near the tunnel and made the rest look bad by holding their players to a higher standard than themselves.

Cubs Fans Throw Empty Beer Cans on Field

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    Getting buck wild in the bleacher seats is a hallowed tradition and a way of life at Wrigley Field, but sometimes you have five too many Budweiser diesels and suddenly your “I’m-a-big-boy-give-me-the-beer” wristband has turned into a carte-blanche hall pass to sling tall boys on the field. 

    So next time you’re at Wrigley and want to throw a beer cans over a bad call, maybe take a chill pill and unleash a tide of fury on the troughs instead.

The Johnny Football Song Lady

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    Let’s get one thing straight— I love me an older woman. Cougars, panthers, ocelots—all of them. 

    Regardless, this vaguely sensual video made by an older Texas A&M fan with a raging “clue” for Johnny Football is not what you’re looking to associate your fan base with.

    You want your fans loud and loyal, not “tingling” and swaying ever so gently.

MSU Fans Taunt Injured Player

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    There are very few occasions where it’s okay to scream the p-word in a public setting—I myself only do it when rescuing cats from trees and toasting at weddings. 

    So of the many situations where using that word is tacky and looked down upon, the worst of all is raining it down en masse onto an injured player on the field.

    As the video description says, “Stay classy, Sparty.”

Dodger Fans Throwing Beer on Cops

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    Los Angeles Dodger fans in the pavilion section figure out one of life’s firmest rules: You throw beer at cops, you go in the grinder.

Fat Auburn Fan Eats a Lizard

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    “Our specials today include regurgitated lizard in a braised ketchup reduction, served with grass garnish and a Mountain Dew backer...”

    I made that quote up, but the following lines are actually spoken—by real people—in this video:

    “Get some ketchup on it.”

    “Wait, I’m gonna close its mouth.”

    “It’s like... its legs... just keep getting in the way.”

    “Well, snip its legs off!”

    “Show them what them Auburn Tigers are made of!”

Big Daddy Smooth F*ing Loves Da Pats

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    There’s an almost Shakespearean quality about Big Daddy Smooth’s ability to rip off 52 f-bombs in a four minute interview.

    It’s raw, powerful and answers the age-old question of, “What do you do when you wake up brick-housed with another man in any empty airport?”

    But then you realize that other people with completely different life standards are going to see this and assume Boston fans are all drunk and scheduling their next angioplasty around home games at Gillette Stadium.

Kentucky Fan Tries to Energize Fan Base, Creeps Everyone out

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    He looks like the Joker, but sounds like Mr. Rogers luring children into the guest bedroom.

    Supposedly, the purpose of this Kentucky fan’s video was to “re-energize” UK’s struggling football team and its fan base, but fans like this only serve as a reminder to us all that crazy people are still out there, and you should probably never go into a movie theater again.

    Also, makeup and Green Day lyrics might not be the best way to amp up the UK fan base.

Alabama Fan Teabags Passed out LSU Fan

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    University of Alabama football fans at fast food restaurant on Bourbon Street in New Orleans surrounded a passed out LSU fan and cell phone cameras began rolling.

    What started as insensitive but harmless “pranks” (Alabama fans stacking fry containers on his head and taking pictures) ended ugly and strange when a man dressed in Alabama gear wobbled out of the crowd and began tea-bagging the passed out man on his back and head.

    It was an ugly and humorless prank, and the perpetrator ended up getting tea-bagged back by the law.

    NSFW video here.

Anaheim Ducks Fans Fight over a Stick in a Gesture of Friendliness

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    In a gesture of friendliness, Anaheim Ducks captain Scott Niedermayer tried to give his hockey stick away to a little girl in the crowd. 

    Naturally, every over-competitive jerk who was never hugged enough by his father lunged for the curved piece of wood like it was Moses’ staff and a brawl ensued.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

Chiefs Fans Cheer Matt Cassell’s Injury

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    A first down for the Chiefs and Matt Cassel gets a game-ending concussion? 

    That sounded like a two-for-one deal for a lot fans at Arrowhead Stadium this past October, many of whom cheered the sight of backup quarterback Brady Quinn warming up on the sideline as Cassel lay dazed on the field.

    It doesn’t matter how bad your team is doing, you never cheer for an injury. And for those of you claiming the cheers were for the first down—you’re wrong, and the players on the field don’t believe you.

Pistons Fans vs. the Pacers: Malice at the Palace

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    It started with a hard foul on the floor and ended with Pacers and fans trading haymakers in the stands.

    The Malice at the Palace is a “what came first: the beer or the beat down?” kind of situation. 

    Did the fans incite The Player Formally Known As Ron Artest by throwing a beer on his face? Yes. Should Artest and company have went into the stands and begun a near-biblically violent street fight? No.

    Either way, the clip of the conflict was looped constantly by every national news outlet in the nation, with publications like the New York Times looking back on the story a year after the event.

Arsenal Fan Teaches Son Horrible Song

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    Who doesn’t want to be the cool dad? I want to be the cool dad.

    This isn’t being a cool dad

    A video surfaced this month of an Arsenal fan teaching his three-year-old son to sing a song about Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie. The song includes the words “she said no”—referencing the false accusations of rape levied against Van Persie in 2005—and “you’re a (c****).” A Dylan-esque work of lyrical genius, to be sure.

    The video shows the father spoon-feeding the lyrics to his toddler, who thinks he’s playing and having fun with dad. It’s sickening, and only gets more so when you realize junior has a lifetime of anger and soccer xenophobia to look forward to from here on out.

Angels Fan Throws $10 Beer at Dodgers Fan

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    Don’t be wasteful, bro. You had like three bucks worth of beer left in that cup.

Razorback Fan Embarrasses Team to the Majesty of Song

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    There is nothing consoling about the video this fan made to cheer up the Razorbacks football team.

    Watching it is like hearing your mom say, “Don’t worry about your girlfriend saying she needs ‘space.’ I still love you.” It’s supposed to be comforting, but it’s not. 

    It’s a strange woman with a taped-back nose and a pig helmet who probably would enjoy standing over your bed at night. Woo Pig Sooie!