Evan Longoria's Boo Jamie Edmondson Swiped Blueberry Muffin from Sweet Tomatoes

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 30, 2012

Photo Credit Busted Coverage
Photo Credit Busted Coverage

If you see a brunette beauty who answers by the name of Jamie Edmondson, stop her. She just stole a blueberry muffin from Sweet Tomatoes. 

Reports have it that she was last seen with Evan Longoria

Thanks to Busted Coverage, we get a light-hearted story of thievery by none other than a former Playmate and the girlfriend of the Tampa Bay Rays star. 

The website noticed a couple of tweets from the lovely lady who apparently wanted to take a snack from the soup and salad buffet restaurant. 

And she has the audacity to tweet out the tasty treat to the masses. 

First up is this hilarity (via Twitter):

Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes...2 observations...1. I am always the youngest person here and 2. most of my lunch ends up on my belly #messyeater

— jaime edmondson (@jaimeedmondson) November 30, 2012

In Los Angeles, the restaurant is called Souplantation and yes, it is filled with the elderly. Not only that, it's filled with pretty much the most random group of people bumping into each other over poppy-seed muffins you have ever seen. 

You would never think that turkey chili could cause a fight, but one step into one of these places has you rethinking what kind of food would send you into a frenzy. 

Next is the tweet of the mad caper (via Twitter):

This is what it's come to...smuggled a blueberry muffin out in my purse...Who the heck am I!?twitpic.com/bhvgec

— jaime edmondson (@jaimeedmondson) November 30, 2012


Relax, because everyone does this. 

I don't consider it a successful trip to the restaurant unless I am coming back with one or three delicious brownies. 

Now I have something in common with a Playboy model. 

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