Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears: Live Score, Highlights and Analysis

Darin Pike@darinpikeContributor IDecember 2, 2012

Final Score: Seattle 23, Chicago 17 in overtime.

Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks engineered a late scoring drive to take the lead over the Chicago Bears with 24 seconds remaining in regulation. Golden Tate had a phenomenal run after the catch to get into the end zone and put the Seahawks ahead.

The lead was short-lived.

The Bears responded with a huge 56-yard reception by Brandon Marshall that set up a field goal to tie the game.

Richard Sherman had an opportunity to defend the pass from Jay Cutler but went for the interception instead of reaching out to bat the ball down with one hand. Marshall made a great play to get into position to come down with the ball at the Seahawks' 30-yard-line.

Seattle responded after winning the toss in overtime. Russell Wilson made plays with his arm and legs, covering 80 yards with a touchdown pass to Sidney Rice to secure the victory.

Seattle became the first non-division opponent to win in Chicago in three consecutive seasons.


Darin Pike is a writer for Bleacher Report's Breaking News Team and a Featured Columnist covering the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks.