Baboon Caught Stealing Food, Acting a Fool at Nedbank Golf Challenge

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 30, 2012

Photo Credit: Golf Channel
Photo Credit: Golf Channel

Seriously, somebody needs to teach these baboons some manners, because one of them stole someone's lunch at the Gary Player Country Club during the second round of the Nedbank Challenge in Sun City, South Africa on Friday. 

Golf Channel caught quite the hilarious moment when one feisty baboon became so taken with whatever food was lying in a plastic container, he walked up the 15th green and snatched it. 

You can view the video here

The criminal walked away from his audacious thievery despite being captured on video. The animal even had the brass to attempt a getaway in a vehicle, but decided to just sashay his way to freedom with a full belly. 

The nerve. 

According to SkySports, that is the 15th at Gary Player this Friday, and that is indeed a brash baboon that wants whatever you are having. 

Actually, I want to know what the baboon just downed because it seems delicious. He notices the tasty snack well away from where it is stored and decides to break from the pack to have a look. 

The greedy primate takes down what seems to be a sandwich in one bite in an effort that would make Derek Jeter proud

The baboon gets into a cart as if he is going to ride shotgun to the next hole where he heard there are rumors of garlic fries. 

When it finally hits him that he has exhausted pretty much every last interesting aspect of the 15th, he takes off with tremendous swagger. 

We ain't mad at ya, baboon. 


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