Debate: Was Alex Smith's Benching Unfair?

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Debate: Was Alex Smith's Benching Unfair?
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Alex Smith was playing well before he lost his job after suffering his concussion.


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This has nothing to do with what is or is not fair. This is about providing the 49ers the best opportunity to win. And right now the best opportunity ...
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Unfair, no - this is professional sports. But the quickness with which it was done in light of the way he's been playing this year wasn't one of Harb...
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Was it fair no, was it nessessary yes; I don't think you beat the Giants with Alex Smiths conservative style of play, yes you can beat the Saints who'...
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Hey writer, stop beating a dead horse! This QB drama is OVER. So just stop trying to further divide the niner nation. It's time to get behind Kaep, an...
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Alex Smith has shown that if a team (NYG, Vikings) punches him in the nose and gets a couple of scores up on him he doesn't have the tools to bring it...
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We’ve all liked Alex Smith......We just didn't love him. We all appreciate what he has done for this team. However, the 9er receivers here are l...
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