The WWE Constitution

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 21, 2009

The WWE Constitution has been published! After decades of fighting for rights, the amendments have been passed and justice has been served on cold hard silver platters. Below are the first 15 amendments:


Amendment I: Freedom Of Speech

Even in the company, stars have to strive to get freedom of speech. General Managers and other higher authorities have been on power trips trying to silence the locker room as they journey to absolute power.

Things aren't always fair, but a Texas rattlesnake decided on that day that enough was enough. The rest is history.


Amendment II - The Right To Bear Arms

What would the company be like with foreign objects? Hardcore matches would be forbidden to say the least.

Sometimes stars are so angry that bare arms aren't just going to cut it when they want to punish their adversary. This is where weapons come in. Many great feuds have included foreign objects in one way or another.


Amendment III: Trials & The Law

This is a great bill to have on the heels of of impeachment. Trials are the way to go, they ensure that justice have been served.

As much as stars and officials run wild, not many trials are held. The great Eric Bischoff had a chance to defend himself, whereas Mike Adamle wasn't so lucky.


Amendment IV: Right To Form A Militia

Factions have been apart of the company for decades. Superstars join forces to achieve one common goal that is most likely dominance. From the Four Horsemen to Legacy, factions have made their mark in the company and the wrestling world.

Stars excel in factions, but the fear of disbandment or being exiled remains in the back of the mind.


Amendment V: Breaking & Entering

Some stars had no remorse for others. These stars were mostly antagonists who didn't care for anyone or anything. Our nation has regulations, but in the company, who is the law? Many took it upon themselves to do what they feel like..when they feel like.

Brian Pillman's home invasion by Stone Cold Steve Austin was one prime example of breaking the law, then was justice in the eyes of the hunters.


Amendment VI: Women's Suffrage

The women of the company had an epic journey just like the men have. Their time line root back to the days of NWA. The great Fabulous Moolah helped pave the way for some of the greatest women to ever wrestle for the company.

Trish Stratus' era was one of epic proportion. The next time you look at these women, it'll be through different lens as their voyage to the present-day divas was surely not any walk on the park.


Amendment VII: Impeachment

Just like our democracy, we appoint authority...well sometimes. Our representatives don't always look out for the us as they have special interests and or hidden agendas. What are we to do? Like our nation, we'll impeach them.

General Managers and other high figures have paid the price one too many times in history by not looking out for the people and or just being boring.


Amendment VIII: The Draft

In our country, people are called to duty. In the company, there is no difference. After the brand extension was passed, yearly drafts have taken place in order to bring new stars to new territory or back home to familiar territory.

You'll never know who will be staying or being called to duty, but you can bet that feuds will always be fierce.


Amendment IX: Foreign Affairs - When the brand extension separated stars, many dream match ups were lost in the process. The emergence of inter-promotional match ups started a new faith, in which hope for dream matches have be rekindled.

There have many a number of these encounters over the years and much more are on the way. Undertaker and HBK are living proof that foreign affairs are still strong today.


Amendment X: Wellness Policy & The Doghouse- The Wellness policy was implemented when the company was under fire. Drugs are prohibited. Disobeying the policy leads to dire consequences.

Suspensions and the doghouse are two very horrible situations to be in. The doghouse is a true test of endurance for these stars...can they survive? Some have, many have not.


Amendment XI: Protagonists

When villains run wild, who is going to save the day? Just when the villain has everything going their way, the hero returns and ruins their plans.

From the Hulkster to Cena, many heroes have saved the day. They tend to always do what's right but, their kindness occasionally blinds them as they end up paying the price. The hero always finds a way to win...or do they?


Amendment XII: Antagonists

Every hero has an nemesis. In a world of good guys, balance is needed. When everything seems to be going just right, these are the guys who ruin everyone's day. It never about you or many, it's always about them.

Many are manipulators and know how to get what they want. The most dangerous aren't the manipulators, but the ones who will stop at nothing to get what they want....even at your expense.


Amendment XIII: Risk Takers

High Flyers or "Risk Takers", have been around the WWE for decades. These were the stars that put on a show.

Top rope risks, jaw dropping stunts, the only thing that matters is taking out all adversaries with a slew of high range attacks from an aerial barrage. Ladders, chairs, and massive spots. Keep these guys grounded, or you feel the consequences.


Amendment XIV: Unstoppable Forces

There are times when certain guys just shouldn't be messed with. The most terrifying stars in the business are unstoppable from Andre the Giant to many other super heavyweights.

These guys are so fierce, the heroes couldn't always stop them. Though so were kind throughout history, it wasn't very difficult to get on their bad sides.


Amendment XV: Technical Wizards

Arguably the most gifted wrestlers reside from here. The kings of submission and the masters of the mat. While staying grounded with big men are high flyers are great strategies, it's useless against these guys.

Arm bars, take downs, head locks, applying pressure, and leg locks are a few deadly things that the wizards can do to an opponent.

Sharpshooters and Figure Four Leg Locks, the holds are almost endless. One wrong move and you're tapping out.


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