Debate: Can the Saints Still Make the Playoffs?

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Debate: Can the Saints Still Make the Playoffs?
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The Saints suffered a tough loss to Atlanta on Thursday and took a shot to their playoff hopes.


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Its hard to beat a team three times. So when we see Atlanta in the playoffs it will be easier for us.
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This I believe all comes down to drew brees being to greedy and forcing the saints to loose meachum porter and nicks I'm a big saints fan but this is ...
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Yes a very slim chance but indeed one. But cannot lose one more game and increase the slim chance by beating the giants and bucks
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I just know one thing...the whole team played real football last night and I am so proud to be a fan of these Saints...they make me smile so, a lot......
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i love how falcon fans like to brag about their season this year, but don't forget who your one loss came to. it took you big brother godhell to take...
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Hell No!!!!! They have done all they can do, now it's all about pride..They're done, get the forks out and start sticking.
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