Everything Is Right Again: MVP Is United States Champion!

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2009

Ahh! Last night was like a breath of fresh air when my hero, MVP, hit the Playmaker and defeated Shelton Benjamin to win back his United States Championship. I've waited since April 28, 2008, for him to win back his belt.

So what's next for Primetime? April 5, that's what's next. For the second time, Mr. Porter is going to walk into Wrestlemania as the United States Champion.

Unlike last year when Matt Hardy screwed him over, this year he's going to climb that ladder and walk out what he already is—Mr. Money in the Bank.

It's hard to believe that he was on a 20+ losing streak during the later part of last year. And no MVP was not "jobbing" or "enhancing" to other talents, he just had a slump and he came out of that slump at the right time.

I never imagined that he would turn face this soon, I'm so used to seeing him as a heel that I'm still getting use to him being a brand spankin' new face.

MVP will be the only competitor to win MITB while holding a championship. He continues to make history.