TNA Impact! and Its Reinvention of Kayfabe

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TNA Impact! and Its Reinvention of Kayfabe
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There was a time, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when professional wrestling was actually a legitimate sport.

Slowly, however, promoters came to the realization that predetermined matches were both more financially viable and safe. Taking from the practices of their carnival backgrounds, these promoters wove a web of false reality that they called kayfabe, where wrestlers and their careers were decided behind the scenes and the backs of casual fans.

No one knows when kayfabe officially began, but it's pretty much an accepted fact that Vince K. McMahon and the WWE's colorful characters of the '80s destroyed all doubt that wrestling was "fake."

Kayfabe has been a bit of a joke since then. Wrestling promotions like the WWE have all but abandoned the time-honored tradition of maintaining storylines outside of the ring. Well, maybe not all of them.

The crazy bastards at TNA Impact! Wrestling have once again tried to do something, how shall I say, not so smart. But this time, it kind of worked (I know, right?).

2012 was the year TNA continued to write the blueprint for reinventing kayfabe. Now you may not have believed all of these "false reality" storylines, but I guarantee that you believed at least one. With a mix of media manipulation and avid use of Twitter and new media, TNA proved that you can still pull the wool over the mark's eyes.

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