Debate: Was Popovich Wrong to Rest His Big 3 on Thursday Night?

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Debate: Was Popovich Wrong to Rest His Big 3 on Thursday Night?
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David Stern said the Spurs will face sanctions for resting four of their starters in Thursday night's game vs. the Heat. Was Popovich wrong to do so?


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I really don't think Popp did anything wrong ..I mean the franchise he works for pays him to do what he thinks is best for the team ..they pay him to ...
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Pop was right to rest his big 3. Whoever made the schedule is an idiot. 4 road games in 5 days? Really this is not a lockout season. Thursday was a me...
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Popvich has rested his stars before, he's the coach not Stern, why were the spurs even playing the Heat at the end of the road trip,while the Heat had...
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Yes, only because they just played the wizards and magic and he could of rested them then. Unless he thought that the wiz and mag were guaranteed wins...
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