The Big 3: The 3 Things I've Noticed in the NCAA Tournament Thus Far

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The Big 3: The 3 Things I've Noticed in the NCAA Tournament Thus Far
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The madness has begun. So far, it's been a great tournament that has been full of upsets, shout out to Cleveland State. As I've watched the games, I've noticed three things that have begun to annoy me.

1. Rebounding

Is it me or are these teams not rebounding like they should? In all the games I've watched where my team has lost, rebounding has been the biggest factor. Teams are just letting these rebounds go by the wayside.

2. Missed lay-ups

This kind of ties into rebounding. I've never seen so many missed lay-ups. I think the kids are just over eager around the basket and they are just rushing their shot, but jeez. The best time for shooting a three is after an offensive rebound, so kick it out instead of missing these bunnies!

3. Refs

I know what you're thinking as you read that, "oh boy, another fan boy blaming the refs because of a bad call." Actually no, I'm not blaming them for a bad call against my team.

In every game I've watched besides this Villanova/UCLA game the refs have been calling ticky-tack fouls, which will devastate a team if it's against their best player.

Let them play, refs! This is the biggest tournament of the year, kids are playing harder.
I feel like the refs are taking the kids out of the game. All I ask is that the refs let the kids play, that's it.

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