R-Truth's 7 Funniest Moments in WWE Since Adopting the 'Little Jimmy' Gimmick

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 30, 2012

R-Truth's 7 Funniest Moments in WWE Since Adopting the 'Little Jimmy' Gimmick

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    The addition of WWE's cheapest employee ever helped turn R-Truth into one of the funnier bad guys in recent memory.

    Having the imaginary Little Jimmy at his side has made Truth a compelling madman with a soft side.

    From the spring of 2011 on, WWE's only invisible manager has been in R-Truth's corner through his feud with John Cena, his up-and-down relationship with The Miz and some of the most entertaining segments WWE has had to offer during that time span.

    Put your "I believe" glasses on and check out Little Jimmy and R-Truth's funniest moments so far.

7. Ricardo Rodriguez

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    "Little Jimmy wants you to sing it from the diaphragm."

    During Miz and R-Truth's feud, Miz used Ricardo Rodriguez as bait to draw out his partner-turned-enemy.

    Ricardo told the WWE Universe that Truth smelled like a wet donkey among other insults.

    R-Truth stormed into the ring, ready to fight, but Little Jimmy convinced him to hold off momentarily. If Ricardo were willing to sing for everyone's favorite non-existent child, then he would be free to go.

    In the end, delighting Little Jimmy with a remixed version of "La Cucaracha" wasn't enough to pacify the situation though.

6. Confederate R-Truth

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    "I'm sorry to the soda that I wasted it all."

    Dressed like a confederate soldier and making his usual goofy faces, Truth didn't need to say much to make this an exercise in weirdness, but he did anyway.

    Apologizing to a soda and discussing seceding from the WWE Universe proves he's the current King of Crazy.

    There wasn't a whole lot of Little Jimmy here other than the hilariously ridiculous song at the beginning that throws in his name a few times. Truth did most of the work himself.

5. Disney Land

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    “I don’t even know if that’s PG!”

    Wade Barrett proclaimed that he would win the Royal Rumble. R-Truth wasn't buying it.

    He began the segment by making fun of Barrett's accent. As he put it to Barrett, "You talk funny."

    R-Truth proceeded to show a slideshow of photos of himself with various Disney Characters. He had taken several of Little Jimmy at Disney Land as well, but they didn't turn out as well.

    Props to Barrett for not laughing during any of this.

4. Elimination Chamber

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    “Spider stew, which is high in protein and low in carbs.”

    R-Truth thought he was running for office. He thought Little Jimmy was his running mate.

    Never mind that the participants of the Elimination Chamber were merely talking trash to one another. Never mind that Little Jimmy doesn't exist.

    Nobody is going to trade Vickie and Dolph for Hornswoggle and a box of spiders. Jerry Lawler is a king, not a judge.

    You can't tell R-Truth any of that.

    You have to just stand back and let him speak his piece. He and Little Jimmy have their own set of rules.

3. Little Jimmy’s Birthday

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    “Don’t what me, it’s my day off.”

    Normally, R-Truth is too busy to spend much quality time with Little Jimmy. It seems most of Jimmy's childhood so far has been spent standing at ringside, cheering on his friend.

    R-Truth paid him back for all his sport with a day at Austin's Park.

    The two pals played skeeball and air hockey, took some swings in the batting cage and won a Slimer toy.

    The park's patrons had a number of funny reactions to seeing R-Truth talk to his best buddy. The segment has Truth being urged into doing mountain climbing in spite of his fear of heights.

    "Do I make you go through the security check at the airport?" he asked Little Jimmy.

2. Why?

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    "Ain't nobody friends with spiders!"

    R-Truth's feud with John Morrison brought out a wacky side of him that has been fun to watch. At this point, Little Jimmy was more of an abstract concept. He would soon be a high-fiving, booty-bumping part of the equation.

    In this interview, Truth covers marriages on ships, hot dogs and spider soup.

    There aren't many wrestlers who could pull off reciting a recipe for spider soup, but R-Truth's more insane side handles it quite well.

    For added fun, trying pausing the video in random spots and seeing how many kooky faces you can catch. 

1. Triple H

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    “Triple H, you crazy.”

    For much of 2011, R-Truth believed that he was the victim of a conspiracy. How else could anyone explain his lack of world title shots?

    Triple H at the time was WWE COO and part of that job entailed dealing with loose cannons like R-Truth.

    Truth doesn't need The Game, the crowd or any actual people to have a conversation. He was fine just talking with Little Jimmy.

    Triple H joined Truth on the invisible friend trend with hilarious results. "That guy is eyeballing him," he said of Little Jimmy and a Little Triple H.

    In a rant about how spiders and heights cost him the Money in the Bank ladder match, Truth's best moment came courtesy of Triple H calling him out about his imaginary friend.