SEC Football Q&A: Is Alabama Getting a Free Pass to the BCS Title Game?

Barrett SalleeSEC Football Lead WriterNovember 29, 2012

Alabama DB Dee Milliner
Alabama DB Dee MillinerDerick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

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@barrettsallee This is for your Q&A- Does it seem like too many people are penciling Bama free pass to Miami? See '01 Tennessee, '09 Florida

— Midwest Bills Fan (@chrisskreager) November 25, 2012

Alabama is certainly the favorite, and with good reason—the Crimson Tide are a talented team and, most importantly, have been in big games like this before.

With that said, yes, I think too many people are overlooking Georgia and how well it has played lately.

The Bulldogs have scored 37 or more points in each of their last four games and haven't given up more than 330 yards once in their last six contests—that one being their 42-10 drubbing of intra-state rival Georgia Tech.

No, Georgia hasn't played well in big games. Its 3-9 record vs. Top 25 teams over the last few years is proof positive of that. But it also hasn't played at this level during that time either, which makes the team very dangerous.

Alabama isn't overlooking Georgia, and I don't think fans should either. It's going to be a fun 60 minutes inside the Georgia Dome.

@barrettsallee Just testing the waters with this but with Chizik gone will the next Auburn head coach bring in a whole new staff?

— Andy M. Johnson (@GeorgiaGunOwner) November 26, 2012

It would obviously depend on who that coach actually is, but there's a good chance. reported earlier this week that assistant coaches Trooper Taylor, Curtis Luper and Tommy Thigpen are sticking around to help the the transition to a new staff.

That move can indicate anything from them just wanting to look good for future employers, they want to stick around on the new staff or they have an idea on who the new coach will be. 

Whatever their motivation, the subject of sticking around will surely come up after they find out who the next head coach will be. 

It would depend on who is actually hired, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if some assistant coaches stick around.

@barrettsallee the next coach at Arkansas is ____?

— Justin (@MemphisJustin) November 29, 2012

Jon Gruden.

No, seriously, if I had to pick right now, I'd take Gary Patterson...but I don't love that pick.

I've been high on Arkansas giving Art Briles and Tommy Tuberville serious consideration for quite some time, but it looks like Arkansas is going to shoot for the stars—Les Miles and, perhaps, Chris Petersen—before coming back down to earth.

Once that happens, expect Patterson to be its focus. Arkansas has the luxury of not having buyout money from its previous two staffs weighing down its books, so it can toss loads of money at any potential head coach—which might be what it takes to lure Patterson from Fort Worth.

But that's only if you made me choose, because betting on the Arkansas coaching search right now—as a general rule—wouldn't be a good bet no matter who you put your money on.