Kaitlyn: Why She Is Not the Answer for Struggling WWE Divas Division

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

One of the fastest-rising stars in the WWE's Divas division is Kaitlyn, as she has quickly ascended to the role of top face on the women's side of the coin. Despite her recent increase in popularity and overall usage, however, she won't be enough to put the wayward divas scene back on track.

Most fans would probably agree that the Divas division has been on shaky ground for the past couple years at least, but 2012 has been a tough year in particular when it comes to departures. The Bell Twins, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and even Maxine have left, and that comes on the heels of top divas such as Maryse and Michelle McCool taking off as well.

The WWE has lost a lot of its top female talent, and it is most definitely in a state of flux. Eve has done an excellent job as the flag-bearer for the division, and her heel character is quite entertaining, but it seems like the WWE is trying to groom Kaitlyn into the next Kelly Kelly, Trish Stratus or Lita in terms of being the most visible diva in the company.

Kaitlyn obviously has a lot going for her. She's attractive, has a fun personality and brings a powerful in-ring style to the table that is lacking in the WWE now that Beth Phoenix is out of the picture. She is likely to be very successful in the company, and I can definitely see her winning the Divas Championship on several occasions. But she isn't the diva who is going to save the division.

In fact, there likely isn't any one woman who can turn around the misfortunes of the divas scene. A Kharma return would definitely create some buzz, and eventually transitioning Sara Del Rey from an NXT Wrestling trainer to an in-ring competitor would be great as well, but the true issue is that there is a severe lack of depth.

The WWE is currently relying on a very small number of divas to do all of the in-ring work. Kaitlyn, Eve and Layla all wrestle on a regular basis and do a nice job, but contributions are spotty from there. Natalya is the best pure wrestler as far as divas go, but the writers have no clue what to do with her character, and she has rarely been given a chance to shine.

Aksana and Alicia Fox have been used with a bit more regularity as well, but neither is particularly good in the ring. Tamina just returned to action and has some potential as a dominant force. A.J. is back to being a diva as well, but her usage as a wrestler figures to be limited.

The overarching problem is that the Divas division has a dearth of talent at the moment, and someone like Kaitlyn can't be counted on to overcome that.

Most would agree that the WWE's Divas division was at its best during the Attitude Era. And that was largely because the company went 10 wrestlers deep in terms of women who could work and be a believable champion. Trish Stratus, Lita, Sable, Chyna, Ivory, Jacqueline, Molly Holly and many others put on some great matches and made people care about women's wrestling.

Current fans mostly view the WWE's Divas division as a punchline now, with many saying that they view the matches as an opportunity to take a bathroom break. Despite the fact that most of the bouts are rushed and unimportant, I still try to give them a chance. The vast majority of them are admittedly uninspiring, though, and I have a difficult time getting interested in the Divas division.

In the proper landscape, Kaitlyn can be an important piece to the puzzle. But if anyone is expecting her to grab the bull by the horns and lead the divas division to the Promised Land, they're mistaken. Kaitlyn can be great, but she needs other great divas around her to feud with. That simply isn't the case right now, and a total overhaul is needed if the divas are going to become relevant again.


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