Hope Solo's Personal Life Shouldn't Be Scrutinized by Public

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2012

EAST HARTFORD, CT - OCTOBER 23: Hope Solo #1 of the United States plays in goal against Germany during the game on October 23, 2012 at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

United States soccer star Hope Solo's personal life has been the subject of much debate and ridicule on the Internet over the last few weeks after she married former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens. 

Stevens has plenty of baggage that makes him an easy target for criticism and backlash. According to Chris Daniels of KING 5 News, Stevens was arrested and charged with fourth-degree domestic violence assault on Nov. 13. 

Police jailed Stevens and accused him of 4th degree assault; however, a Kirkland Municipal Court judge said police did not have probable cause to detain Stevens, and released him Wednesday. 

It was not long after that report came out that it was also reported Solo and Stevens had gotten married. According to Danny O'Neil of the Seattle TimesStevens was arrested again on Wednesday for possibly violating terms of his probation stemming from drug charges in 2010. 

Solo has come out to defend her husband on Twitter, with several posts about how the media is getting facts wrong and twisting stories to fit the narrative. 

"@nwcn: Jerramy Stevens arrested again in Florida" Get the facts. not "again", still dealing with Seattle fallout. The truth will prevail.

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) November 28, 2012

I feel bad for all the ignorance in the world. People are so quick to judge. The media spins stories in such dramatic fashion. I will

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) November 28, 2012

Continue to show love,and never make judgements.I am blessed w True Love & the beautiful game of soccer.I wish everybody the same happiness.

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) November 28, 2012

The criticism of Stevens in the media and public circles is justified. He has proven himself to be a person incapable of staying out of trouble, including being convicted of assault and accused of rape

However, what happens in Solo's personal life, be it with her, specifically, or what goes on with her husband, is none of our business. Solo has said recently that she is "happy" with where her life is at right now. 

Who are we to say that Solo is wrong or naive for feeling that way? Is there any reason, based on his past, to give Stevens the benefit of the doubt as a changed person? Absolutely not. But that is not a reason for us to start taking to message boards, blogs, etc. to tell Solo what she should and should not be doing. 

Perhaps Solo really is happy with her life and Stevens as her husband. We aren't around them constantly to know what they are like. Unless you have an idea of what Solo's life really is like right now, who are you to say that it is bad for her?

Solo defends her husband and his actions for whatever reasons. That is her choice, and no one else should be jumping down her throat to criticize her for the way she lives her life.