WWE Rumors: Why a Potential Hardy Boyz Return Would Be Bad for Both Sides

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Neither Jeff nor Matt Hardy has been part of the WWE for the past few years, but many fans of the product have eagerly awaited their return. Rumors are now floating around regarding a possible Hardy Boyz reunion in WWE in the near future; however, it wouldn't be worth the trouble for either party.

According to 411mania.com, during a recent interview with Passing The Torch Radio, Matt Hardy said that it is "very likely" that we'll see the Hardy Boyz in WWE in 2013. With Matt currently doing work for ROH, Extreme Rising and other indy promotions, and Jeff's TNA contract set to expire in February, it's obviously a possibility.

I certainly wouldn't blame the Hardys if they wanted to come back for one more run in the WWE. Neither of them left the company on particularly good terms, so they probably feel like they have some unfinished business. On top of that, the WWE is the pinnacle of professional wrestling, so there is plenty of notoriety and, perhaps most importantly, money that goes along with it.

The renewed partnership would also make sense for Vince McMahon.

McMahon has never been shy about bringing in guys that he thought would be beneficial to the product, even if they had issues in the past. He brought The Ultimate Warrior back into the fold on a couple occasions and he even contracted the man who tried to put him out of business in the form of Eric Bischoff.

The Hardy Boyz have drawn money in the past for Vince, particularly Jeff, so re-signing them is a move that McMahon would have to consider. It has obvious positives, as the Hardys would get great reactions from the crowd, move merchandise and further strengthen the WWE's burgeoning tag-team division should they be used as a tandem.

Professional wrestling isn't always about the business side of things, however.

After numerous issues with substance abuse, both Jeff and Matt appear to be on the straight and narrow path. Looks can be deceiving, though, and you never know when past demons might resurface. Since Jeff and Matt have light travel schedules at the moment, however, the temptations probably aren't present as often.

Working for the WWE is a completely different animal, and The Hardy Boyz would have to be on the road constantly if they signed full-time contracts. That could take a toll on them both physically and emotionally and it would likely increase the chances of a relapse of some kind.

The Hardys seem to have stabilized their lives, so there would be inherent risk involved with making such a sweeping change.

Also, the Hardys proved that they weren't necessarily the most reliable guys during their last run in WWE.

Jeff got into some drug issues that necessitated his release, while Matt essentially forced his way out of the company by no-showing some events. There is nothing that McMahon hates more than a no-show because it robs the fans of something they were promised, and The Hardy Boyz are notorious for doing it.

Even as recently as a year ago, Jeff and Matt had some major issues in TNA. Matt was ultimately released due to a number of run-ins with the law, while Jeff was kept off television for an extended period of time so he could sort his life out. Things are better for both of them now, but I would have a very hard time putting faith in them if I were Vince.

With all of that said, the potential for a high-impact return is incredibly enticing. If Jeff declines to re-sign with TNA before February, it would make both him and Matt available for WrestleMania. Perhaps a Tag-Team Turmoil match could be booked with the Hardys entering last, much to the surprise of everyone, and winning the Tag Team Championships.

The pop would be massive, the shock factor would be immense and having one of the greatest tag teams of all time win the titles on the grandest stage of them all would most definitely help the division reach the next level.

As much as I like to believe that things would go that smoothly and perfectly, McMahon needs to look at the big picture and realize that the risks outweigh the potential rewards.

In all likelihood, we will see The Hardy Boyz back in a WWE ring one day. The WWE is best off waiting a few years until Jeff and Matt prove they are truly reformed, though. Down the line, I would love to see them come back in a part-time capacity of some kind, provided their lives are in order, but now simply isn't the time to make it happen.


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