Andrew Bynum Involved in Lawsuit Surrounding Drugs, Guns, Racism with Neighbors

Alex KayCorrespondent INovember 29, 2012

As Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum continues to work his way back from a debilitating knee injury, the last thing he needs to get involved with is ridiculous off-the-court distractions. 

Unfortunately, the NBA superstar is embroiled in a legal battle with his old neighbors back in Westchester, Calif.—and it looks ugly.

According to the staff, Bynum is suing Ramond and Cindy Beckett for chipping the paint of his Ferrari, screaming at him for his taste in music and hitting his house with a stick.

Apparently, it’s because the Becketts don’t approve of Bynum’s "profession, his race, his friends, his cars and his taste in music." These certainly aren’t light claims, and the Becketts are counter-suing the Sixers center.

The couple is claiming that Bynum’s suit is a fraud and was a preemptive strike in the legal fiasco the two-time NBA champion knew was impending. Here’s a list of grievances that the Becketts have against Bynum since becoming neighbors over seven years ago, as per TMZ.

  • Brandishing firearms in an attempt to intimidate the Becketts;
  • Apparently using drugs and allowing weed smoke to drift next door;
  • Blasting loud, profane rap music (including the song "Currency" by Trina);
  • Blasting his video games at "window-shaking volumes";
  • Letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood;
  • Constantly racing his luxury cars at dangerous speeds.

After filing suit, the couple sold their house and no longer living next to the 25-year-old seven-footer. Bynum, who was traded to 76ers in the offseason as part of the Dwight Howard-to-Los Angeles megadeal, currently resides near Philly and is rehabilitating a devastating knee injury in the area.

He’s out indefinitely and could miss the entirety of the 2012-13 NBA season after suffering a cringe-worthy setback when bowling earlier this month.


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