WWE Rumor Mill March 21

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 21, 2009

Hi people and welcome to another episode of the Rumor Mill
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Behind The Scenes:

Linda MacMahon
Since being elected  to Connecticut’s state Board of Education, the busy WWE CEO read to Stamford, Conn., students Wednesday night during KT Murphy Elementary School’s annual literacy-promoting story night. .

WWE’s new TV show “Superstars”
The new show is said to be airing next month on the WGN network
The show is said to be original programming rather than a recap and is advertising that anything can happen.

The promo reads:

“The biggest Superstars from Raw, SmackDown and ECW debut on “WWE Superstars” – a one-hour exclusive weekly television show—featuring original matches between any WWE Superstar from any brand, at any time. “WWE Superstars,” the only place to see it all! Expect everything. WWE Superstars premieres Thursday, April 16.”


Triple H
In a rare interview on MSN.com , Hunter talks about  his wrestling Schedule  ,  Vince, Stephanie, how he came up with his entrance and being a heel.
Here are the highlights

On the grueling WWE schedule:

Sometimes people say, "It's so rough, it's so rough." It's not that bad. It used to be a lot worse. But I have two kids and I am home three days a week. But when you do go on the road, it's hectic. You're in a different city every day. You fly in to a new town, you do a show, you go to the next town, you sleep, you wake up and do it again. It's basically just a series of transportation, to the gym, to the arena, to the plane.”

On revealing Stephanie McMahon as his real wife:
“For story lines and business, we try to keep that stuff separate. But people knew and we joked about it when I was in DX. The only reason I was apprehensive is where do we go on the flip side of it. Look at it like this: There is the real world and the WWE Universe. So the cat is now out of the bag in the WWE Universe and it now exists there."

On what it’s like working for his father-in-law:
[Laughs.] 'Well, the good thing is I had a really good relationship with him before I even met Steph. We had a great relationship not only from a talent standpoint, but I used to work a lot with Vince hand-in-hand to create story lines behind the scenes, not just for myself but other guys. But if you have ever met Vince, he's a complex man and it can be trying. There are times he wants to choke me and there are times when I want to choke him.”

On how he came up with his entrance:
“I can look back and see its evolution. So, my hair was real long and it was always bothering me. I didn't want to wear it up when I was in the ring and I didn't want to cut it. So I would wet it. Right before I'd go to the ring, I'd take a bottle of water and dump it on my head. So then I started taking a bottle of water out to the ring...and I was a bad guy at the time, so I'd carry it up to the ring apron, put some in my mouth and spit it at the fans, a sort of "stick it up your butt" move. Then it evolved to become a spot that I did during my entrance. I stopped spitting it at people and into the air and then posing."

Whether he likes being a baby face or heel:
Heh heh, I love being a heel.

Full article here

Nice to know that I am not the only one that feels like choking Vince , and I don't even know him on a personal level.

John Cena
Well it seems that hunter was not the only superstar giving out interviews this past week Cena was on Jimmy Kimmel recently to promote his film 12 Rounds, which opens domestically next Friday.

The talk show host asked him what his problem with Johnson was, to which Cena responded that he didn't have a problem with him.  His only "thing" was that Johnson used to say that he loved the business and the fans, but just left it one day. 
You can view the interview here


Rumor has it that  JBL has been telling people backstage that he will likely be retiring from the ring by May.

His reasons is that the back problems that forced him to retire in 2006 have resurfaced.

Well so much for my thoughts of JBL making WWE history, buy being the first ever champion to retire at WrestleMania with his title intact.

Well that's about it for today , stay tuned for more Rumors, gossip and news.