The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Run In

dav brenContributor IMarch 21, 2009

Just under three weeks away from Wrestlemania and the intercontinental title holder was made to submit to the Undertaker, He was also recently being pinned and humiliated by HBK

WWE has gone to alot of effort recently to revive the intercontinental title with a series of matches and holders including CM Punk. What is the point when your just going to have the champion tap out in a non title smackdown match.

Wrestlemania 25 biggest match will be The Undertaker vs HBK but on the run up to Wrestlemania i watched Vladimir Koslov pin The Undertaker after a mediocre move. Koslov will not even be around this time next year and hes pinning a wrestler who is defending a 16 year winning streak.

I know WWE's view is any wrestler on any given night can beat another but champions submitting and there hottest wrestler getting pinned by a shambles of a wrestler is counter productive.