The 10 Most Disgraceful Moments in MLB History

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The 10 Most Disgraceful Moments in MLB History

Baseball has certainly had some fine moments throughout its history, but the bad memories will forever haunt the game and sting the fans hard.

As much as we reminisce about the good days, we always find a way to still talk about the bad. Call us gluttons for punishment, but even baseball's worst moments carry a certain mystique about them.

That isn't to say that they should be applauded by any means. These moments are a black mark on the integrity of the game, and the last thing that should happen is for the guilty parties to be honored for the shame they brought upon it.

These moments rank among the worst for a reason, and thus should be spoken of as such.

Granted, some of the worst times in baseball helped shape the game as it is today, but even the current generation has had to deal with some shenanigans that left their foul mark. From start to finish, you can't go through baseball history without finding moments that were just plain disgraceful.

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