The 25 Most Regrettable Photo Shoots in Sports

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2012

The 25 Most Regrettable Photo Shoots in Sports

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    We've all seen some of our favorite actors and actresses do some really dumb stuff in front of a camera, so thanks to our favorite athletes sharing the spotlight with them through endorsements and magazine headlines, it seems they don't mind getting into the act, either.

    Some players think they need to act all Zoolander by doing whatever the photographer tells them to do, but we're here to show why that might not be the best idea if they really want to look their best.

    Hey fellas, we're just trying to save you from some locker-room embarrassment.

Leryn Franco

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    Do we actually think this is a regrettable photo? Hell no, it's got Leryn Franco in it, who's probably the sexiest athlete on the planet.

    So what gives?

    Seeing how this ad could have showed her off a little more say, sexier, makes us actually regret it! A little less drum, and a lot more Leryn would be great.

Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues

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    We bet every single photographer's mouth was salivating once they saw the Bullets had drafted 5'3" Muggsy Bogues in 1987 to pair with their 7'7" center, Manute Bol.

    As this photo shows, the possibilities of them together were just hysterically endless! (Insert sarcasm).

1979 Seattle SuperSonics

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    We actually don't hate this picture, since it shows off a little flavor of Seattle, but one must admit it's a little dopey.

    Especially when you consider that this '79 club was just coming off a NBA Finals victory, and they probably didn't want to look embarrassed for the rest of the league to see.

Mark Spitz

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    One might not think there's anything regrettable about Mark Spitz rocking his then record-setting seven gold medals, wearing his speedo and showing off his 'stache.

    But there is a problem with it some 30 years later, when we all realize he looks identical to legendary porn star John Holmes.

Michael Redd

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    We'll keep our criticism of this one short and sweet.

    Not even for a senior high school picture, honoring the greatest basketball player in school history, should this photo ever be taken.

    It's mega-awkward, and we're sure Redd doesn't have it hanging over his mantle at home.

Cobi Jones and Alexi Lalas

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    Who knows how the rest of this photo shoot went with these former U.S. soccer teammates, but based off what we see here, it was probably just as cheesy.

    Soccer players are known to let loose and be a little quirkier than other athletes, though if this is the way people thought we'd be able to popularize the sport in the States, well then, the game stands no hope of catching on!

Gerald Wallace

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    We just have to believe Wallace has a good sense of humor, and came dressed as a pimp for Media Day in 2003 as a joke.

    At least that's what we want to believe, because there's no one in their right mind that would want this for posterity.

Sasha Vujacic

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    Wasn't it bad enough that Vujacic was used sparingly during his days with the Lakers that he didn't need to pose between two fake lockers during the team's Media Day in 2004?

    Maybe it was because it was his rookie year and he didn't know better, but he didn't help himself move up in the rotation by agreeing to do this photo.

Bill Walton

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    Bill Walton was, and still is, known to be one of the most laid-back, liberal and well-cultured athletes in the history of sport.

    So when he posed for the magazine Crawdaddy! back in 1975—which self-describes itself as "the first magazine to take rock and roll seriously," he probably didn't think too much of it.

    Looking back on it now though, we'd say he looks like the damn spokesperson for hippie youth!

Jared Allen

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    If you've followed Allen over the course of his career, you know the sack master happens to be one of the goofiest guys in the league.

    So while this picture of him in an earlier Maxim photo shoot is hilarious, this current one is probably one he had fun with, but might wish he could take back.

    It's sad to think he'd rather wear a man dress than look like Rambo, but we think he looks more badass in the dress, personally.

Michael Jordan

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    How do you embarrass the world's greatest basketball player? You have random kids pose with him hanging off his shoulder and being used as an arm rest.

    Isn't it clear why everyone wanted to be like Mike?

Tim Lincecum

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    It's obvious that the two-time Cy Young winner didn't actually stand in an oversized tub of popcorn, but he had to at least have some idea of how they were going to use him on the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids.

    And though "Big Time Timmy Jim" seems to have a childish personality, we don't even think he enjoyed seeing himself on the cover in this case.

Carlos Boozer

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    This was taken during Media Day before the 2004 season.

    You know what else happened before the 2004 season? Boozer signed a mega-deal with the Jazz, earning him more than $10 million a year for the next six seasons.

    How did they treat him? By having their mascot awkwardly hold him in his arms for a photo.

    It's no wonder Booz couldn't wait to split town once his deal was up in 2010.

Andre Ethier

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    As you'll see with our No. 1 choice, it seems that LA Times Magazine has a history of putting its hometown athletes in precarious photo shoots.

    In this case, Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier finds himself time-traveling back to what looks like the Roaring 20s or something?

    We've never been to Los Angeles, but if this is the stuff we'll have to wear to fit in, we don't think we'll want to go anytime soon.

World Cup Soccer Players

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    If it were up to us, we'd prefer the World Cup be promoted by those hot WAGS every soccer player seems to be running around with these days.

    Instead, in 2010, we got this.

    A photo of two Brazilian guys (Kaka and Pato), a Ghanaian player (Sulley Muntari) a player from Cameroon (Samuel Eto'o), and the top American player of the past decade (Landon Donovan) just for good measure.

LeBron James

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    We typically see LeBron flash his style when doing a cover shoot, so this pic, which was clearly taken before he beasted up, is weird.

    Not only is it a little strange for him to be standing with his shirt off as a high school teen, but what in the hell is up with the cornstalks around him?

    Dude hooped in Ohio about 15 minutes where we were raised, trust us, there was no corn.

Ryan Lochte

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    It may be too fresh in his mind now, but give it a couple years and we think Lochte will look back at this People mag shoot for "Sexiest Man Alive" and start having some regrets.

    It's one thing to be laying around on the beach in your skimpies, it's another to be doing that with your dog chilling in an oddly-placed boat right next to you.

Reggie Miller

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    We're confused as hell about this picture?

    Normally, you'd want a phenomenal three-point specialist like Miller to be standing in some very cliche pose, hanging out around the arc with the words "Sharp Shooter" written by him.

    Our scenario is terrible, so imagine how the current TNT announcer should feel about this one that he actually took!

Mark Sanchez

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    Well, thanks to Aaron Rodgers, we know how these photos of Sanchez in the September 2011 issue of GQ went over around the league.

    Unfortunately for Sanchez though, he didn't really do a good job defending himself against all the cracks that came his way, and instead stood by the pics.

    We get the whole idea behind the shoot, but what on earth was Sanchez doing, like honestly?

Matt Kemp

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    Oh, we're sure these pictures went over well in the locker room of Kemp modeling for Flaunt Magazine as if he was an Armani Exchange model back in 2011.

    Good thing for him he's an absolute stud on the baseball field, so his teammates could razz him for trying to be one off of it, too.

Tom Brady

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    Though we could have gone with this picture of Brady holding a goat, we opted to go for this one from his shoot for VMAN magazine which, apparently is for a watch? Maybe...?

    Regardless of what the hell he's trying to sell here, it's clear to us that Mr. Brady needs to tell Creative Directors, "No!" every once in awhile.

    We wonder how Belichick feels about this stuff?

Tony Gunawan

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    Before this picture, if we asked you who Tony Gunawan was, you'd probably have no idea.

    Thankfully though, during the Olympic Media Summit this past May, a few of our country's finest Olympians were posing for pictures that can only be described as regrettable.

    Hey, we just hope they did better at the Games than in these shots!

Rob Gronkowski

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    Gronk is what every guy wants to be.

    He parties hard.

    Has been known to hang out with porn stars.

    And he's an absolute beast on the field.

    But we have a hard time believing he's cool with having a papier-mâché football over his, well, man-piece, during this year's Body Issue from ESPN the Magazine.

Alex Rodriguez

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    There aren't too many people who think Rodriguez is the most humble guy in the world. In fact, besides maybe himself—and even that's questionable—there probably isn't a single soul.

    So leave it to Details mag to show him in his natural state of mind—looking sensually at himself in front of a mirror.

    If you really need a reason to dislike A-Rod even more, go ahead and check out the entire photo shoot.

Kobe Bryant

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    With a nickname like the "Black Mamba," Kobe sure is wearing a lot of white!

    So when he showed up in an LA Times Magazine donning these duds, well, let's just say Bryant proved that not everything goes with the color pre-Labor Day.

    It's still, by far, the worst athlete photo shoot anyone has ever seen.