Toronto Raptors: Grading Each Rookie After 1 Month

Patrick Yaghoobians@PyaghoobiansAnalyst IINovember 30, 2012

Toronto Raptors: Grading Each Rookie After 1 Month

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    The Toronto Raptors have had a horrible start to the season. It's easy to say that the Raptors could have had more than three wins. Close games against Charlotte, Detroit, Utah and San Antonio are great examples of games the Raptors could have won.

    The Raptors rookies have also had their fair share of struggles.

    But in the end, they still are rookies. You cannot expect them to put up superstar numbers in their first season, as very few rookies accomplish such a feat.

    Let's take a look at Toronto's three rookies and see how they're doing after one month in the NBA.

Jonas Valanciunas

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    Grade: B-

    Fans had very high expectations from Jonas Valanciunas. But as mentioned before, you cannot expect a young player to come out and perform at a very high level in his first year.

    Jonas is one of those players who has had some very good games, followed by below average games.

    His rebounding and scoring have been very inconsistent. On some nights he will drop in over 10 points, and in other games (for example, the recent game against Memphis), he won't get enough shots and hardly scores.

    His shot-blocking was non-existent in the beginning of the year, but he appears to be getting the hang of how to block a shot without getting called for a foul, as he has had a number of multi-block games.

    Valanciunas is still getting used to the game, but with his skill set, he could be a very good player for the Raptors in the near future.

Terrence Ross

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    Grade: C

    If you want to see a really inconsistent player, take a good look at Terrence Ross.

    He's had games where he will score consistently for the Raptors as he did against Houston and Charlotte. But then, he will shoot poorly and not score very much in other games, like he did against Detroit and Memphis.

    He has all the tools to be a very good NBA player. He can shoot the ball (although he has not shown it much so far), he is a very good defender (something that he has showcased) and he is very athletic.

    Only time will tell how Ross develops into an NBA pro. So far, the future is a little shaky, but it seems to be going in a positive direction.

Quincy Acy

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    Grade: Incomplete

    Quincy Acy has only played in garbage time, nothing else. But after a couple of stints on the court, fans can already see what Acy brings them.

    Against the Grizzlies, Acy got into a scrum with Rudy Gay. It looks like the rookie has already made a few enemies.

    It seems like Acy is going to be that tough guy who brings energy off the bench. Although that was expected before the season started, it looks like that is what will actually be delivered.

    On the bright side, Acy has the highest PER on the Raptors with a PER of 22.95.