5 Things WWE Smarks Hate Admitting to Themselves

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5 Things WWE Smarks Hate Admitting to Themselves
Image: WWE.com

As fans of WWE, we hold our opinions in very high regard. WWE is a fan-run business, after all.

WWE listens to it fans, failing in some cases, in order to decide how to do business.

A year-round schedule with events on a daily basis is not easy when you are trying to produce new content every single day.

Could you imagine if every sitcom or drama you liked aired every single week with a new episode throughout the entire year?

It would be awesome for a little while, but eventually things would level off and content would be lower quality,

WWE has a task that should be impossible, but it has managed to make it into a worldwide phenomenon.

Fans do not all share the same opinions and that creates a problem for half of the fans 100 percent of the time. They don't get what they want.

When we don't get what we want, we complain, like any fan of anything does. Don't try and say you haven't trashed your favorite football team for a loss against its rivals.

Cursing out the Chicago Bears is a tradition in my house, and we love the Bears!

This slideshow is dedicated to things that most of us know to be true, but few would like to admit.

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