The Biggest Wastes of Space in World Football

Dan LevyNational Lead WriterNovember 28, 2012

With hundreds of clubs around the world and thousands of player filling out those squads, there is quite a bit of dead weight being carried around in the world of international football. Who, then, is the biggest waste of space?

Let's be fair, some players like Lucio or Ricardo Carvalho or Joe Cole have just gotten old—at least in football years—and somewhat unwilling to move to a less competitive club in order to get playing time. Other players may be in their manager's proverbial doghouse, and despite their all-world talent, they can't seem to get enough time on the field to show it off. 

Still, some players are just pathological underachievers, paid to be the best in the world and just not delivering on what was expected. We run down the list of five of the biggest wastes of space in the current world football landscape, some by their own doing and others by fault of terrible circumstances.

(Sorry, Arsenal fans; your club's surplus of cash did not make the list.)