The Indianapolis Colts Reach Out to Help Spark Random Acts of Kindness

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 21, 2009

The Indianapolis Colts have kicked off an effort to help better the people around us. The concept is now being called "Help a Hoosier and then some", and it is already underway in the state of Indiana.

One of the primary goals of this concept has been for the Indianapolis Colts to team up with the people of Indiana to help feed the hungry. This state-wide food collection will help those in need.

Still, this "Help a Hoosier and them some" concept reaches far beyond feeding the hungry.

It also seeks to help spark random acts of kindness. In Indiana, people are passing around these official Colts cards (similar to the picture featured above) and they are being given out after someone performs a random act of kindness.

The person receiving the card is then encouraged to do the same and pass the card along. If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me at

I would be happy to email you a print-out of the card.

I will be the first to say how supportive I am of this effort. I feel that it is a fantastic way to help inspire people to do good things in the community, and beyond.

I'm very proud to see my team being so supportive of the efforts.

This is the kind of positive publicity that needs to receive more focus. Hopefully, this article might serve as some small measure of encouragement to inspire readers to do what I am going to be doing...

Sparking random acts of kindness.