WWE Analysis: Could Sin Cara Turn on Rey Mysterio?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2012


The tag-team division is heating up in WWE and one of the premiere teams is the dream pairing of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.

The two lucha libre stars are exciting in the ring together and Mysterio has definitely helped Sin Cara acclimate himself to the WWE style.

Since nothing lasts forever, it stands to reason that at some point in the future the team will go their separate ways.

With Rey being a long-time WWE babyface, it seems more likely that if someone were to turn on the other that it would be Sin Cara.

Sin Cara may be popular with kids, but WWE cannot keep every star that children like as a babyface forever.

John Cena is the exception to that rule, apparently.

Sin Cara was known in Mexico as "Mistico," and down there he was one of the biggest babyfaces of all time while under the CMLL banner.

With both men being known as heroes to the crowd, it might be a tough choice for WWE to turn one of them heel, but if they did, the best option would be Sin Cara.

Sin Cara might be well-liked among children, but his character has absolutely no development behind it and that would make becoming a heel much easier.

We have all heard JBL put over Sin Cara's time in Mexico on commentary, but in WWE there is very little about his character that has been defined.

He has been a silent warrior during his whole run in WWE and that might work to his benefit as a heel. After all, what creates more mystique than silence?

Sin Cara as a heel certainly doesn't sound like the best idea on paper, but many of the best ideas seem a little off when first proposed.

Turning Cara heel and having him feud with Rey Mysterio would lead to an epic match on PPV, possibly at WrestleMania, that would draw big buys in Mexico and the US.

Both men are living legends to the Mexican audience and seeing them face off in a big-money match would be exciting for all fans around the world.

The other possibility with a Cara heel-turn is an alliance between him and some of WWE's other Mexican superstars who are heel.

Alberto Del Rio would obviously be a good choice, but there is also Hunico and Camacho, who Sin Cara feuded with while Hunico was impersonating his character.

Aligning Sin Cara with them would raise the profiles of Hunico and Camacho while also allowing Sin Cara to develop his heel character.

The idea of turning Sin Cara heel is not something that is very likely, but WWE is also not likely to have a tag team part ways mutually like R-Truth and Kofi Kingston did recently.

Breakups have drama and drama makes for good storytelling. WWE is all about storytelling, so the possibility of a great feud might outweigh the potential issues with turning a popular child's star heel.

Sin Cara had a lot of hype behind him during his initial debut and many feel he or WWE dropped the ball with this character, so turning him heel could be the first step towards making him a bigger star.

What do you think?

Would Sin Cara turning heel be a good idea?

Would you rather see Mysterio turn heel on Sin Cara?


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