WWE Analysis: Why Big Show Needs More Opponents Like Sheamus

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 1, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

Big Show has never been known as the most exciting superstar, but his recent matches with Sheamus have been some of the best encounters from each card they have wrestled on.

The power and size of Big Show against the power and speed of Sheamus have allowed for the two brawlers to have great matches, and it really proves one valuable point.

Big Show needs more guys like Sheamus to feud with.

When Big Show is dominating a smaller superstar, the matches get boring because they can end one of two ways: 1) Big Show gets surprised and pinned out of the blue, or 2) he wins decisively.

Putting him up against Sheamus has definitely allowed Show to let loose and have a real match where his opponent is not an underdog.

The feud has been the best feud Big Show has had in a long time, and that speaks to how good Sheamus really is.

Sheamus is powerful enough to keep Big Show on his guard for the whole match, and because of that power, we have seen Sheamus deliver some amazing performances with the much larger Big Show.

WWE has plenty of guys who fit the mold of Sheamus that Big Show could feud with, and putting him in the ring with more guys like that will make him a more interesting superstar overall.

WWE has Kane, John Cena and Sheamus, all of whom have a history with Big Show, but they also have guys like Titus O'Neil, Wade Barrett, Mason Ryan and Antonio Cesaro.

The roster is filled with powerful superstars who can make it seem like a more even match than guys like Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes could against Big Show.

Most of them are heel right now, but there is nothing saying WWE couldn't turn one of them babyface or turn Big Show face again.

We all love a good David and Goliath story, but eventually, they get old, and Big Show can only be the giant so many times before it becomes obvious that David is not at a disadvantage.

Goliath vs. Goliath is a lot more unpredictable and therefore more interesting to viewers who are tired of watching Show go up against smaller wrestlers.

Sheamus and Big Show have at least one more match scheduled for TLC, and chances are good that it will be the most brutal encounter of the night.

The main reason the Sheamus/Show feud has been good is because Sheamus is not just powerful but talented.

The feud itself has had some awful non-wrestling moments to it, but the matches themselves have been outstanding, and that is not something we get to say about Big Show very often.

Sheamus is intense and that makes him the ideal opponent for someone with the sheer destructive power Big Show possesses.

When we see Sheamus and Big Show fight, the end of the match sees both guys looking like they have literally just fought a war.

We need more of that out of Big Show's opponents because it makes for great wrestling.

Big Show is often criticized for being boring, but a lot of that is because there is never a challenge for him in his matches.

He can pretend that smaller opponents are making it hard on him, but nobody will buy Big Show being taken down easily by Sin Cara or even CM Punk.

Sheamus taking down Big Show easily is a lot more believable—and thus more marketable.

Where the feud between the two will go after TLC is a mystery at this point, but hopefully Show finds himself up against another talented powerhouse like Sheamus.


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