Hope Solo Somehow Shocked at Husband Jerramy Stevens Fallout

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 28, 2012

Photo Credit: Total Pro Sports
Photo Credit: Total Pro Sports

Hope Solo took to Twitter to lambaste those who would dare paint her husband, who has been arrested multiple times, as some sort of criminal. 

Shame on all of you. 

The soccer star jumped on Twitter to defend her husband when multiple websites ran the story of him being arrested with the addendum of "again."

The Big Lead featured a headline that read, "Jerramy Stevens Arrested Again in Florida for Possible Probation Violation." Meanwhile, CBS Sports chose to go with, "Former NFL Tight End Jerramy Stevens Arrested Again."

And so it went, as Stevens was indeed arrested and it was indeed not his first time. 

Fox Sports reports the 33-year-old was arrested in Florida on Wednesday for what it calls an "investigation of violation of his probation."

Negative comments must have struck a chord with Stevens' new bride, U.S. women's national team goalkeeper Hope Solo, because she took to Twitter in a series of tweets defending her husband. 

Here she is taking umbrage with the word "again":

"@nwcn: Jerramy Stevens arrested again in Florida" Get the facts. not "again", still dealing with Seattle fallout. The truth will prevail.

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) November 28, 2012


Here she is taking offense to the media's "spin-job" in its reporting of her husband's latest arrest, pretty much the same media who built her up into America's princess on the heels of the 2011 World Cup:

I feel bad for all the ignorance in the world. People are so quick to judge. The media spins stories in such dramatic fashion. I will

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) November 28, 2012

Here is another tweet in response to the fallout:

Continue to show love,and never make judgements.I am blessed w True Love & the beautiful game of soccer.I wish everybody the same happiness.

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) November 28, 2012

Before we continue, we have to state the latest arrest was apparently a result of the domestic-violence arrest he suffered in Seattle this month. 

According to Fox Sports:

Seattle news outlet KING-TV reported that a Department of Corrections spokesperson believed that Stevens’ probation allowed him to travel to the state of Washington, as long as he did not get arrested. However, Stevens’ arrest earlier this month stemming from a domestic dispute violated his Florida probation...

So yes, it's ridiculous to say Stevens messed up once again by getting popped by Florida police and we should have seen it coming, because it was bound to happen after the previous arrest. 

Still, I am not sure what Solo is shocked about, since athletes who have been pinched multiple times before are seen in a negative light.

It's just how these things work. 

The Seattle Times reported back in 2008 about Stevens and charges of rape he endured while at the University of Washington. The same report cited a high school incident where Stevens was initially charged with felony assault. He reportedly beat up another kid and stomped on his face after he was unconscious. 

Not that his issues ended when he made it to the NFL. As The Seattle Times reminds us, he was also arrested in 2002 for a DUI, in 2007 for extreme DUI and in 2010 for drug charges. 

But we will go ahead and take Solo's word that things have changed and he is the saint she says he is. 

If there is anyone spinning anything, it's Hope Solo. 


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