Moustafa Ismail Returns to Proclaim Humongous Biceps Are Real and Spectacular

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Popeye is all natural. 

I hope you like biceps, because Moustafa Ismail has enough for you, your friends and distant relatives you may have forgotten about. 

The man never met an iron he didn't want to pump or a weight he couldn't wait to curl. This video (h/t SportsGrid) is Moustafa Ismail's triumphant return to Internet fame. 

Back in September, we reported on the fitness freak who was at that time bestowed with the honor of world's biggest biceps by Guinness. 

It seems the man who dedicated his life, it seems, to sculpting pretty much one part of his body, has been catching a great deal of grief from the cynics among you. 

In the video, he states many have come to him with claims his muscles are fake or they are some transplants. 

The Walking Bicep is here to tell you those are all false and that his muscles are very much real and as bizarre looking as you think they are. 

OK, the second part is just me. 

I can't look away from two arms that look like they were made for the insanity of a cartoon, not real life. 

What's more, Ismail claims he can't get a decent t-shirt anymore, although I am rather jelly about the Batman shirt he is rocking. 

Well, nobody told you to hit the gym that hard, Ismail. 

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