10 Questions About the Future of the NFL and Plausible Answers

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10 Questions About the Future of the NFL and Plausible Answers
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Every year new questions arise about the NFL, but most do not get answered. Regardless I still have questions I would like to see answered. I have some plausible answer to go with these questions as well.

1. When will Roger Goodell become consistent in his rulings?

A: He will more then likely always be biased towards the stars of the NFL which is sad to treat the players differently. Financially though it makes perfect sense.

2. When will the NFL finally change their rookie signing policies?

A: The NFL should do this pretty soon. The present rookie contract system does not support franchises long term. The rookie contracts have become so inflated that teams are considering moving down in the draft so they don't have to break the bank on unproven players. 

3. When will the NFC catch up to the AFC?

A: 3-4 years. Once Manning and Brady retire the league will more then likely balance out. Unless Roethlisberger and Cassell/Cutler/Rivers become their replacements. If that happens then this AFC trend will continue to many solid franchises. NFC has no chance. 

4. When will be the next monster draft? (Last one 2001)

A: I do not see one coming anytime soon. The 2001 draft was crazy they had at least three freaks of nature (Steve Smith, Michael Vick, and Julius Peppers) and more than 30 Pro Bowlers in just one year. 

5. Will there ever be a 17th game added to the regular season?

A: I believe they will in a few years. Everyone complains about the season being to short and this solves that problem. The problem that comes up is how would the home games work out? My solution to this is to hold these games at neutral sites. 

6. Will there be teams changing locations in the next five years?

A: Yes. To many teams are having problems with their cities and I cannot see every situation ending well. (Teams that might be on the move Chargers, Vikings, and Jacksonville) 

7. Can any western team be taken seriously?

A: No, at least not any time soon. The teams would all have to consistently perform for a few years to change our minds. The Raiders and 49ers used to be strong teams, but now they are jokes. The western divisions are the worst two in all of the NFL. Although they have sent a few teams to the Super Bowls they cannot do it consistently.

8. Will the NFL ever get their Michael Jordan?

A: Yes. So many multi sport athletes are picking the NFL which means one will be good. At one point someone special will come along and just take over. I thought Michael Vick would be it, but for now I am wrong. 

9. Could the NFL make it outside of America?

A: No. There will never be enough support and money to actually handle a franchise. 

10. Where will Super Bowl L Take place? 

A: This will be one of the biggest sporting events in the history of sports. what city could possibly handle it? The answer is Los Angeles. Los Angeles hosted the first Super Bowl and is in the process of building a new 800 million dollar stadium. It is a match made in heaven. 

These are the question I would like to have answered, but I can wait to find out these answers it is part of the fun. But if you know the answer to any of these please tell me. 

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