Major Update on WrestleMania 29 Plans for Ryback

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 28, 2012

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Thanks to his intense charisma, brutally impressive in-ring performances and a simple but cool catchphrase that is fast catching on with the masses, Ryback has emerged as WWE's breakthrough babyface this year.

In a year in which the company has produced mixed creative results, he may stand out as their one true success story. Assuming he can shake off the annoying Goldberg comparisons and brush up on his still-struggling verbal skills, there is no reason he cannot be a big star in America's No. 1 wrestling promotion.

Unsurprisingly, as the hype around him swells, talk has already turned to what he will do at the heavily hyped WrestleMania 29 event, which takes place in East Rutherford, N.J. on April 7 at the famous MetLife Stadium.  

Many of the major angles and matches on Raw already look to be tied up, with The Rock, John Cena and CM Punk all being tied to the WWE Championship picture in one way or another. So, has Ryback been left out in the cold, or does the company have something in mind for him? 

Well, in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offers an update on WWE's WrestleMania plans for the former Nexus member, noting that the current discussion is to pair him with The Big Show:

I've heard from a few people a discussion of maybe building Ryback vs. Show for Mania with the idea of Ryback getting Show on his shoulders and marching around with him being that "WrestleMania" moment people talk about for him.

The prospect of The Big Show, the current World Heavyweight champion over on SmackDown, taking on Ryback at 2013's biggest show is a deeply intriguing one.

Aside from the aforementioned question of whether the monster babyface could lift up Big Show for his famous Shell-shock finisher, it would also give the Ryback character his biggest test to date. For the first time ever, he would be facing an opponent even scarier and larger than him.

While Big Show/Ryback may not be the main selling point of WrestleMania 29 (that honor will go to the Rock match and any potential Undertaker bout), on paper it would likely be a highly marketable bout that would engross the fanbase.

Regardless of whether Big Show's title was on the line.