10 Holiday Gifts for Sports Fans

Jerry MilaniContributor INovember 28, 2012

10 Holiday Gifts for Sports Fans

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    Did you skip Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Still wondering what to get for that sports fan for whom a book doesn't quite fit?

    The holidays can be stressful; many of us like the idea of getting gifts for loved ones and friends, but when it comes to picking out what to get them, a trip to the shopping mall comes in a close second to a trip to the dentist.

    Don't fret. But whatever you do, don't get him another baseball tie.

    From toys to towels, here are 10 holiday gifts that might just fit somewhere on your list.

Un-Lock Out: Table Top Hockey

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    The NHL may still be locked out so bring the NHL into your own house with classic table top hockey.

    The fun, simple one-on-one game is better than any video game, is a definite throwback and comes with NHL players you can even line up on picket lines.

Giants Everywhere

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    The New York, San Francisco and Tokyo Giants all pulled off world championships in the same year so how about a Giant pack of collectible cards from Topps for each team.

    The San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers are pictured above.

Stay Cool

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    Mission Athletecare has a line of products created by partner athletes like Serena Williams, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony and Georges St-Pierre.

    Their ENDURACOOL towel stays at a constant temperature to keep you from overheating in any sport.

Where the Hell Is Grinnell?

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    Jack Taylor scored 138 points last week, but does anyone really know anything about Grinnell College in Iowa? You can, by getting a "Where The Hell is Grinnell" T-shirt from their book store.

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

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    A Christmas Story (which is also now a musical) is a holiday film favorite so you can get your own Red Rider BB Gun for target shooting.

Timber Time

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    It's getting cold and few teams market better than the MLS Portland Timbers. So grab a red "Blood, Sweat and Roses" scarf from their team store.

Knuckle Under

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    Knuckleball was perhaps the best-timed movie of 2012 with Mets pitcher RA Dickey rising to the Cy Young Award. The DVD is now on sale.

In the Dirt

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    Can't take in the sights and sounds—and dirt—from every MLB park? Steiner Sports has a cylinder of game-used earth from each of the 30 current ballparks in a framed collage.

    Most teams individually available as well.


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    Classic retro never goes out of style.

    The Baseball Hall of Fame has replica jerseys of dozens of enshrinees and others in the uniforms they made so famous. The sight of Carlton Fisk in the '80s 'SOX' top still scares small children everywhere.

Ultimate Collector

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    UFC fans don't play with dolls (or if they do, they don't admit it).  But they love their superstars and have no problem displaying them as "show collectibles" on their desks.

    Round 5 makes the best official ones with dozens of stars past (Bas Rutten and even Bruce Lee) and present (Jon Jones and Ring Girl Brittney Palmer) available.