Is Tim Lincecum The New Mark Prior?

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Is Tim Lincecum The New Mark Prior?

Just a few years ago fans were analyzing Mark Prior's pitching mechanics by using pictures similar to the one I have posted above of Tim Lincecum.


First of all, Lincecum's mechanics flat-out scare me.


Fans used to say that Prior’s mechanics were weird, but still not injury leading. Boy, oh boy, were they wrong.


Fans are now saying the same thing about the 2008 Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.


He has also been pitching more innings than he should, including 227 in 2008. 2008 was just his second season in the majors. Lincecum threw just over 400 innings throughout his college and minor league career.


Since he is only 5’ 11”, and 172 lbs, it is almost a nightmare to think what years of throwing a 97 mile-per-hour fastball can do to a guy like him.


Lincecum has never had to pitch over 130 innings in a season before 2009, and I think he may have only a few years, at most, left in him.


I believe that the 2008 Cy Young winner will become what Mark Prior is now, an injured former all-star.


When Lincecum pitches his elbow almost goes over his shoulder. This is incredibly scary to think of, as many other player’s careers have been cut short due to this problem.


Sure, hitters such as Lance Berkman, Connor Jackson and Ian Stewart have stated that Lincecum is the best pitcher they have ever seen, but people said that of Mark Prior just five years ago.


"For his age he's [Mark Prior] one of the best pitchers I've seen at pitching to the situation. Usually, that's what veteran pitchers do. Instead of trying to get this guy out and that guy out, he has an idea and a plan on what he wants to do," Says Dusty Baker.


Believe me now?


Later this season you will be seeing headlines such as this one I quickly created, “Giants Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum, out for the rest of the season due to injury”.  


We’ve seen Mark Prior become a fallen star, and we got through it. Now we have the painful task of watching Tim Lincecum do that very same thing.


Who’s next? Stephen Strasburg?

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