College Football Recruiting 2013: 10 Possible Silent Commitments

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst INovember 28, 2012

College Football Recruiting 2013: 10 Possible Silent Commitments

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    In recruiting, there are times when recruits make decisions and choose to make it public. The term "silent commit' is one of the most polarizing terms in recruiting today and always brings much debate and controversy. 

    I'm here to inform that while not all rumors of silent commitments are true, these secret pledges do happen from time to time. Looking at this year's recruiting class and reading between the lines by studying their recruitment, there are 10 recruits that I believe could possibly be a silent commitment to a school.

    Please remember that the key emphasis here is on the possibility of a silent commitment.

10. James Quick, WR

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    Quick has Louisville, Ohio State and Oregon as his top, according to He's a talented WR prospect from Kentucky that I wouldn't be too shocked if he's already made up his mind.

    Quick took a trip to Ohio State recently and still didn't pledge to the Buckeyes. With that said, I wouldn't be all that shocked if he was already silently committed to Louisville. 

9. David Dawson, OG

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    Following Dawson and reading more into little sound bites and quotes he's spewed over the past several months, I have a feeling he probably silently committed to Florida a few months ago.

    I know that was then and the Gators probably won't land him now, but who's to say Dawson isn't a silent verbal to somewhere else. shows his top three favorites now as Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan State. It's possible Dawson has already made his choice.

8. Robert Foster, WR

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    The talented WR probably will sign with either Pitt or Alabama, as has been known for awhile now. This could go either way, and I wouldn't be shocked if either school has already received a commitment from Foster.

    For starters, he took a trip to Tuscaloosa and much speculation ran around the visit about Foster perhaps wanting to commit on his way back home. I also wouldn't be surprised if Foster has been settled on Pitt for quite some time and is just waiting for when he feels is the best time to announce it. 

7. Tim Williams, DE

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    When you grow up in the same city as a powerhouse program in a powerhouse conference with intense fans as a top-shelf prospect, everyone wants you to stay home.

    The pressure to stay home grows very heavy, and should you decide to go somewhere else for college, you stand to face constant local nagging and criticism.

    That outlook could best describe DE Tim Williams, as he is from Baton Rouge, LA.

    LSU is an option, but Williams could choose to leave Tiger Territory; don't be caught off guard if it's revealed he's been a silent Miami or Florida State commit.

6. Leon McQuay, S

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    I think USC has long been the favorite to land McQuay, and once Max Redfield backed off USC, Lane Kiffin wasted no time in setting up another trip for McQuay to check out Troy.

    The Trojans have everything McQuay wants in a program stemming from a good audio music department, a SS commit in Su'a Cravens and a need for a true FS prospect.

    December 7 is the date of the upcoming visit, reports, and that is when McQuay could elect to make his USC choice official. He's probably been sold on USC for months. 

5. Antonio Conner, S

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    I've been predicting Conner will sign with Ole Miss for just about this entire recruiting cycle. I'm not changing that now, and I'll even wonder publicly if he's been a silent commitment to Hugh Freeze since early in the process.

    Alabama, LSU and Mississippi State could make strong pitches, but my gut tells me that Conner is headed to Oxford and that the Rebels have known for awhile of his intentions. 

4. Laquon Treadwell, WR

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    Treadwell is a WR that stands 6'3" and weighs 195 pounds. He's out of Illinois, and according to, has a top five of Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss and Michigan State.

    Michigan was thought to be the favorite, but that's cooled down as of late. Yet Big Blue could already hold Treadwell's commitment, but so could the Sooners, Pokes and Rebels. 

3. Alquadin Muhammad, DE

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    Muhammad has been very quiet during his recruitment, choosing to not give out many updates or do many interviews.

    To me, that sounds like a prospect that has shut it down because he's already made up his mind. I highly doubt that I'm the only one who thinks and expects Muhammad to already be a silent verbal to Notre Dame. 

2. Robert Nkemdiche, DE

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    Don't be overly shocked whenever Nkemdiche commits to Ole Miss, publicly. He seems like that kind of guy that lives by the family code, and this is a decision that his family has a ton of influence over.

    I'll go as far as to say Nkemdiche could have already told Hugh Freeze and his staff that he's coming.

    Nkemdiche could saw the hoopla that ensued when he announced for Clemson and is choosing to keep his commitment hush-hush this time around. 

1. Mackensie Alexander, CB

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    Doesn't this guy's recruitment scream silent commitment? Alexander doesn't give many interviews, and he has played his recruitment really close to the vest.

    Schools like Florida State, Clemson, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Boise State and Alabama could possibly have a commitment in hand already from the clandestine-natured CB prospect.

    Alexander reveals so little to the press, that I wouldn't be shocked if he asked his name not to be released on the signing list of the school he commits to on NSD.

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects and writing specific recruiting and scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (formerly ESPN Rise-HS). A syndicated scout and writer, he's also contributed to, and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a College Football and NFL Draft magazine.