The Most Misunderstood Wrestlers in WWE History

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Misunderstood professional wrestlers seem like they would be a dime a dozen, yet given the tendencies of many WWE Superstars and divas to blend in under Vince McMahon’s iron rule, few have been bold enough to lay claim to this ambiguous title. 

Some of the biggest and most unique WWE stars in history can easily be classified as misunderstood, whether it be for controversies outside of the ring or perception of their character with fans.  The list of misunderstood stars can read like a success story or possibly a tragedy, but few individuals cut from this cloth will soon be forgotten.  

Being misunderstood has led to the demise of some, but it can also be a symbol of one’s audacity to stand out, find their own voice and rise to the top of the company without looking back. 

Join Big Nasty as he runs down some of the most misunderstood WWE superstars in history for better or worse. 

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