Debate: Who Will Have a Better Game on Saturday, Murray or McCarron?

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Debate: Who Will Have a Better Game on Saturday, Murray or McCarron?
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With a BCS berth on the line on Saturday, which QB will have a better game, Murray or McCarron?


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Being a Dawg fan, I want to say AM.. But logic overrides desire in this case.. I think Bama's O-line will provide just enough protection to give AJ th...
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I believe that the QB that limits mistakes and makes the better plays will be on the winning team. If AJ comes out like he did against LSU in the BCS ...
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Huge Bama fan here - I went to the first SEC CG as a student in 1992 (Birmingham no less). The answer is Murray due to expectations and Bama's defense...
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Absolutely AJ McCarron. For starters, Bama's Oline is much better than Georgia's Oline. We have 3 AA's on the starting line. And in 12 games, Georg...
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Smash mouth football is what it is about...we will see who plays it the best...junkyard dawg or overweight elephant?
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Definitely no denying Bama's strengths.. It's funny, a lot of PAC 12 supporters, and I guess all other conferences for that matter, look at our style ...
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