10 Philadelphia Eagles Who Should Be the Next to Go

Bernie Ollila@@bernieollilaContributor IIINovember 28, 2012

10 Philadelphia Eagles Who Should Be the Next to Go

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    It’s a rough time to be a Philadelphia sports fan with the season the Phillies just had, the news about Carlos Ruiz’s amphetamine use, the likelihood Andrew Bynum will never play a game in a 76ers uniform and the Flyers not even having a season.

    The cherry on top of all of this is the hype that surrounded the Philadelphia Eagles headed into this season, and their embarrassing performance to this point.

    There are questions about leadership on the team, as well as effort, and even skill.

    But the Philadelphia Eagles just cut Jason Babin, which says they’re acknowledging there are major parts of the team that are not working. This is a move that raises two questions.

                1. Why is Andy Reid making moves for the future after he lost eight games this year and his boss said eight losses is unacceptable?

                2. Who else needs to go?

    To be honest, the latter of the two is more important because there is no chance Andy Reid comes back next year.

    Nonetheless, most of the players on the Eagles’ roster could go and it would be a good thing because they’re hurting the team. In fact, most of the players who are currently starting shouldn’t even be backups because they are bad.

    Why have bad players on your team? If they’re bad, they’re bad.

    There are players on this team from the secondary to the quarterbacks that have proven they are not NFL-caliber players.

10. Michael Vick

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    This one pains me personally, as I’m sure it does many Eagles fans between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. Michael Vick has been one of the NFL’s most prolific offensive weapons throughout his career, and it’s sad to see it come to an end in Philadelphia.

    But the fact of the matter is that Michael Vick is an older quarterback playing on a team that cannot protect him. On top of that, he’s injury-prone and can’t read a defense.

    You can’t invest too much into the idea that the Eagles’ offensive line is going to turn itself around once it’s healthy again because of the nature of the injuries the linemen have sustained, as well as how much time they will have missed by the start of the 2013 season.

    Firing a head coach, which is what the Eagles are likely to do, sends the message that the team is trying to rebuild for the future. Although Michael Vick is a good quarterback who has the skill to single-handedly win games, he’s also got the incompetence to lose games single-handedly.

    If the team wants to rebuild, it’s got to start with a new quarterback.

    Oh yeah, Michael Vick would get paid a lot of money if he stuck around.

9. Nate Allen

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    Nate Allen is the only player on this list worthy of being relegated to a backup role.

    He’s not awful. In fact, he’s average at best. He may never be a good tackler, and he may always bite on play action, but it doesn’t look like the miscommunication and missed assignments we’ve seen from the Eagles defense can all be traced back to him.

    That said, he should only be moved to a backup role if there is absolutely nothing that comes from the draft, training camp, or free agency that shows any potential next year. 

8. Damaris Johnson

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    I’m putting Johnson on this list because DeSean Jackson should be returning kicks. The Eagles need to draft one of the big, stud wide receivers who will be coming out this year, stick No. 10 in the slot where he could realize all of his potential, and have him return kicks and punts. That’s where he can excel. He’s done so in the past.

    Andy Reid constantly talks about putting his players in a position to make plays. So, if Johnson was calling fair catches inside the 5-yard line, fumbling the football and not being good enough to be on the field often, why is he on the team?

    He had proven the return game wasn’t a position for him to succeed. I don’t care how good he was in college. What does that mean, especially considering what he’s done this year in the NFL?

    He’s certainly improved since his performance against the Cardinals. But Johnson isn’t good enough to replace any of the receivers the Eagles have now, Jackson is an excellent return man, and there are a few big receivers who will be in the draft this year.

    Given the Eagles' need at the wide receiver position, Johnson’s performance and Jackson’s ability, Johnson shouldn’t be on the team next year.

7. Chris Polk or Dion Lewis

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    Let’s face it: it was a silly thing to have four running backs on your roster—especially when you’re thin in the secondary, and your number one back is one of the best in the NFL.

    Someone has to go. For the sake of a roster spot, the good of the sanity of the fanbase and the resonance of at least some form of common sense that move would leave in its wake.

6. Nnamdi Asomugha

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    It will be interesting to see if the Eagles eat the $4million hit they’ll get if they part ways with Nnamdi Asomugha, or if they’ll restructure his contract.

    That contract is brutal but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to see them restructure, given the team’s need at safety and their cap space.

    In any case, Nnamdi Asomugha is one of the biggest busts in recent memory.

    He isn’t physical like we thought he was, he’s not that fast, he’s not the best tackler, and he gets burned all the time.

    The most disappointing thing about Nnamdi is that it looks like he quits. It’s like he doesn’t care.

    He gets one-on-one with receivers who get by the blown coverages of Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen, sees there is no-one to prevent the receiver from getting wide open, and stays in his assignment rather than make the effort to keep up and save the play.

    Nnamdi Asoimugha, what happened? The best thing he’s done since he came to Philadelphia was a comedy skit. 

5. King Dunlap

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    It seems like King Dunlap has been an Eagle for a very long time. Now, you have to wonder why.

    What was he bringing to the table that kept him around? That says something about the “eye for talent” some say Andy Reid has.

    Dunlap just cannot get things together on the field. And there is no saying he’s a victim of the poor play of those around him.

    At the start of the season, we saw a lot of Clay Harbor and Brent Celek on the left side to help block.

    Dunlap isn’t good. He shouldn’t be starting, and he shouldn’t be on a bench anywhere. He’s been a big part of the reason Michael Vick had gotten hit so much, and if he sticks around, No. 65 will likely not bring anything to the table that could help the Eagles in the future.

4. Danny Watkins

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    Danny Watkins is quite possibly Andy Reid’s worst first round pick. I was of the mindset that there was at least some potential in him that could lead to some kind of use in the NFL, but there probably isn’t.

    It’s good he can’t play right now. It’s never a good thing to say you’re glad a player is hurt, so that’s not what I mean. However, I do mean to say that it’s good to see he is not on the field.

    After all, has the offensive line looked any better since he’s been gone? Could it really have gotten any worse? It doesn’t matter.

    Watkins is old, he can’t block, and he wants to be a fireman. It would be a decent thing to let him go on and pursue his second career choice. At least there he’d have a positive impact on a community.

3. Demetress Bell

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    I think it’s clear Demetress Bell will not be back next season. But the point needs to be hammered home.

    He was awful while he was in Philadelphia.

    Bell’s performance further negates the idea Andy Reid has an eye for talent. If Reid didn’t think Bell was going to be great, why was he signed to a 5-year, $35million contract?

    After Todd Herremans went down against the New Orleans Saints, Demetress Bell came in and embarrassed himself, his team and the city of Philadelphia on a national stage.

    Billed as a “finesse blocker,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, Bell isn’t strong enough to handle a pass rush. He’s also not apt enough to adjust his so-called finesse skills to compensate.

    The sun will shine a little brighter on Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly when Demetress Bell cleans out his locker.

2. Kurt Coleman

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    You have to admire Kurt Coleman because he tries. He just isn’t that good, though.

    Maybe Philadelphia fans are a bit too hard on Coleman because the city is used to seeing great play from the Eagles’ safeties. But anyone can see Coleman is not an NFL player.

    He constantly blows coverage. Remember Larry Fitzgerald’s game against the Eagles this year? Remember Cam Newton’s bomb to a wide open Brandon LeFell after he drew Coleman out of position?

    It’s embarrassing. Coleman has got to go. We’ve seen enough.

1. Nick Foles

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    Ok, so it’s been two starts for Nick Foles, and he’s done what?

    Since there is a lot of faith in him, I’ll get right to the point and discuss why he should not be on the field for the Philadelphia Eagles ever again.

    When you start to play football, whether it’s organized at the pee-wee level or it’s on a lot somewhere in your neighborhood, one of the first things you learn when you’re playing defense is to watch the quarterback’s head and his eyes so you can anticipate where the ball will go. If you can do this correctly, you are much more likely to break up a play or intercept the ball.

    If you aren’t instructed to do so, then you pick up on it. Even if you’re watching the games and you’ve never touched a football, this is something you can understand almost immediately.

    Professional quarterbacks understand that defensive players do this. So, to hinder an opponent’s ability to anticipate where the ball will be thrown, professional quarterbacks use their heads and eyes to deceive their opponents.

    A good demonstration of this can be seen via Cam Newton’s touchdown pass to Brandon LaFell, in which he led Kurt Coleman away from the middle of the field with his eyes. LeFell used that space to get open and catch an easy touchdown.

    How many times did Nick Foles stare down his receivers and then throw the ball to them that was incomplete or almost intercepted? This is a fundamental flaw that makes you wonder how he even got to the NFL.

    How many times did Nick Foles try to force balls into impossible holes? This is a flaw in logic and instinct that will make you crazy if you don’t just accept it. There’s no explanation other than the fact that Nick Foles isn’t an NFL quarterback.

    If he does manage to stay in the NFL, Nick Foles will be turnover prone and unable to adjust. These are flaws that matter. They shouldn’t be there.

    The truth is that there are hardly any people in the world who can successfully deceive defenses and make the right decision with the ball in their hands, and that’s why they are NFL quarterbacks. These guys have a fundamental understanding of the game of football that they have exhibited since before they turned pro.

    It is insane to think Nick Foles is the future of the Philadelphia Eagles. How in the world can one think all of these things can be fixed?

    Can this man one day lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl? No. So why have him around?

    During the offseason, the Eagles need to acquire a veteran stopgap quarterback like Alex Smith or Matt Hasslebeck until they can find the future of their organization.

    Are we so desperate as a fanbase that we are willing to deceive ourselves into qualifying intangible things like poise and saying we see it in Foles? Furthermore, are we saying that this poise will help him become a great quarterback?

    Are we going to say that since Foles is a big quarterback, he will one day be great? There are a lot of big quarterbacks who aren’t any good.

    Are we going to say Andy Reid is an excellent evaluator of quarterbacks, and because of that Nick Foles will be good? If that’s the case, who are these quarterbacks and where are they?

    Foles is number one because the most important player on the field is the quarterback. Given the incredible amount of ineptitude he's shown thus far, he's not going to be capable enough to be that most important guy.

    Just because he hasn't done the amount of damage as the others on this list have doesn't mean he won't in the future. It's time to see things for what they are, and Foles isn't the guy.