The Sandman, Big Bossman: 25 Terrible Wrestling Name Changes

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The Sandman, Big Bossman: 25 Terrible Wrestling Name Changes
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Would Steve Austin have been as popular had his name been Chilly McFreeze?

Besides having the right look, a high dose of athleticism and charisma, a wrestler needs a good name to complete his character.

But from Isaac Yankem to The Ding Dongs to Bastion Booger, there have been plenty of terrible names in the history of professional wrestling.

But what lousy names were created after a wrestler became popular?

Often, when a wrestler left the WWF or WCW, they could no longer keep the name that made them famous in their new home. Worse yet, the new name was often a cheap knock-off of their old one.

Sure, some got lucky, and it just took a little getting used to like Razor Ramon to Scott Hall, or Victoria to Tara.

But other times, a wrestler gets a new gimmick, complete with a moniker that is primed to fall on its face.

The names on this list are only from men and women who achieved some level of success with their name in WWE, TNA, ECW or WCW and then changed it later (sorry Michael McGillicutty, you're not on this one).

Here are 25 wrestlers who shouldn't have embraced change, and in a perfect world could have kept their most popular ring name throughout their career.

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