3 Reasons the Eagles Should Start Focusing on Improving Team for Next Year

Bill PivetzCorrespondent IIINovember 28, 2012

3 Reasons the Eagles Should Start Focusing on Improving Team for Next Year

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    After their Monday night loss to the Carolina Panthers, the Philadelphia Eagles are 3-8, at the bottom of the NFC and should focus on rebuilding for 2013.

    The Eagles finished 8-8 last year and team owner Jeffrey Lurie said another season like that would be unacceptable.

    Philadelphia could be heading to an even worse record this season. The team hasn’t won since September 30 and its next win may not come in 2012.

    With the Eagles in another downward spiral, there seems to be no hope this year. The injuries and losses are piling up for Philadelphia and fans are becoming restless.

    Changes appear to already be underway with the release of defensive end Jason Babin (via Eagles Insider).

    The Eagles front office should take these remaining weeks and evaluate their team and coaching staff. It’s all but certain that more changes will be on the way as the Eagles look to improve for 2013.

Too Many Injuries

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    The Eagles’ 2012 season has been plagued by injuries, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

    They have been without two key offensive line players in center Jason Kelce and left tackle Jason Peters for most (and, in Peters' case, all) of the season. Right tackle Todd Herremans was also placed on IR three weeks ago.

    Quarterback Michael Vick and running back LeSean McCoy are currently recovering from concussions. Meanwhile, the Eagles are now down another offense weapon after Monday’s game, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

    Eagles WR DeSean Jackson has been placed on IR with fractured ribs.

    — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) November 27, 2012

    The Eagles coaching staff should not rush their injured players back. Concussions are tricky and shouldn’t be taken lightly. McCoy and Vick are two of the Eagles’ best players and will be needed when the season begins in 2013.

    With only five games left in the year, the coaching staff can use this opportunity to evaluate other players for next year, such as Nick Foles, Damaris Johnson and Bryce Brown.

Cannot Make the Playoffs

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    The Eagles have lost seven straight games and are now four games behind NFC East leaders the New York Giants.

    They would need to win out in order to reach .500, which is definitely not an easy task.

    The Eagles' remaining schedule is tough. They face Dallas, travel to Tampa Bay, host Cincinnati and Washington and then go to MetLife Stadium to face the Giants in Week 17.

    The Eagles are 1-2 in the division so far, with their only win coming against the Giants. However, with the Cowboys and Redskins leading the Eagles by two games, winning the NFC East seems highly unlikely.

    The Eagles can’t win a wild-card spot, either. The two NFC Wild Cards are currently the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings are next in line as both teams are 6-5.

    With the playoffs out of sight for Andy Reid and the Eagles, they should put this season behind them and focus on 2013.

    The Eagles could end up with a top-five first-round draft pick and should draft an offensive lineman as they desperately need one.

New Head Coach

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    Eagles fans are counting down the minutes until the final week of the season as Andy Reid will most likely be shown the door.

    The Eagles need a fresh start in 2013. Reid has been the head coach for 14 years and has done a great job in eight of those years. However, after these last two seasons, it’s obvious that Reid’s time as head coach is over.

    We don’t know if players have begun to tune out Reid, but his coaching style is clearly not working for the Eagles.

    The Eagles have very talented players on both sides of the ball. Throughout the 2012 season, Reid continually under-utilized running back LeSean McCoy and had Mike Vick throw the ball 50 times per game.

    Lurie needs to hire a head coach who will run the ball more than 20 times a game. Whether Vick is back in Philly or not, the quarterback cannot throw the ball that many times and expect good results.

    Whoever the new head coach is, he should consult offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and construct a more balanced offensive scheme to get McCoy more touches and take some pressure off the quarterback.