Where Is the John Cena/A.J. Lee Angle Going?

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 27, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

Never mind Days of our Lives or The Bold and The Beautiful, for wrestling fans the real must-see soap opera is currently taking place on Raw.

Per the storyline, WWE Diva A.J. Lee was forced to resign from her GM position several weeks ago after scandalous allegations emerged that she was dating John Cena outside of work out. While the pair strongly denied it—adamant that they simply friends and nothing more—new Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero has set out to prove there is an illicit relationship and A.J.’s firing was wholly justified.

For this mission, she’s recruited Dolph Ziggler, as well as, apparently, a whole squad of a paparazzi and surveillance people to take incriminating pictures of the pair as they hang out at restaurants and hotels. A.J. has even accused her of hacking John Cena’s phone in a quest to find the evidence.

(Why exactly the Big Brother-like Vickie is allowed to spy on unsuspecting wrestlers on her roster free of any consequences, legal or otherwise, has yet to be divulged.  At the very least you would think the Board of Directors—who have been quick to take action against incompetent GMs in the past—would punish a managing supervisor who’s acting in such an outrageous manner.)

To make matters more complicated, it seems A.J. and Cena do have romantic feelings for each other—they have heavily flirted with each other several times and shared two passionate kisses in the middle of the ring on last Monday’s Raw, much to Vickie’s horror—although considering they essentially proved she had been right all along, you think she would have been ecstatic.   

While the whole thing does have a campy charm to it—Vickie, in particular has been great in her role—it makes very little sense if you think about it.

Who really cares if A.J. and Cena have a relationship?

Not to mention the stunning hypocrisy of Vickie slamming someone else for pursuing a relationship while in charge of the show. (Vickie has been linked with Edge, The Big Show, Eric Escobar and Dolph Ziggler during her time in the company.) 

The lack of chemistry between A.J. and Cena does not help matters either. Maybe it's the age difference, but he honestly comes off more as her protective older brother than a would-be boyfriend. 

Per the storyline, the pair seems to be on the verge of dating, which likely means we might get more of Cena taking her out for intimate romantic dinners at fancy-looking restaurants (clad in his merchandise, of course).  

Of course, any potential relationship between the two can’t last. He really does not need all the A.J. melodrama going on in the background as he heads into 2013, when he will be gearing up for WrestleMania season and a potential re-match with The Rock.

A.J. abandoning nice-guy Cena for the thoroughly despicable Ziggler is one possibility. Oh sure, Dolph may outwardly be disgusted with her—his promo on last Monday’s Raw in which he berated her for her erratic behaviour and terrible choice in men was particularly scathing—but there have been a few subtle hints he has some romantic interest in her.


Cena and Ziggler look set to clash at next month’s TLC pay-per-view, meaning a shocking swerve in which the Diva sides with “The Show-Stealer” and costs John the match in the process, is not entirely out of the question. After a woefully mediocre run as a babyface (her GM stint was truly awful), going heel may be the thing that turns A.J. into the huge star WWE clearly want her to be.      

Or maybe A.J. and John will decide they’re simply better off as friends, and the angle will come to a calm, peaceful resolution.

Although this ultimately might be too strange for the wacky world of WWE: Adults solving their problems in grown-up, reasonable ways? Never!

In summation, while this current storyline has been muddled and filled with logic loopholes, the right ending could possibly salvage it and aid the careers of all involved. Now let’s just hope WWE have the proper solution in mind.