WWE News: Local Advertisement Reveals Different Stipulation for TLC Main Event

Gone Baby GoneContributerNovember 27, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

As we all know by now, the WWE announced its main event for December's pay-per-view offering.

The announcement came during Monday night's Raw, as Vickie Guerrero catered to Ryback's request and granted him a match against CM Punk for the WWE title at TLC.

Then, out of fear and frustration, she also met Ryback's stipulation request to make it a traditional "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs" match by allowing both opponents to use their weapon of choice for the match, while also helping the company sell the event, considering it's named after that very match.

Now, news is coming from WrestlingInc.com, that the stipulation may be changed or was changed during the opening segment:

Regarding the match at TLC, changes were made in the past week as recent local advertisements had Ryback and Punk facing off in a Tables Match.

I did some research of my own and was unable to find this particular advertisement. I did however, find the official promo for the event starring David Otunga. Now, before you pass judgement, you should click here and check it out for yourselves, as it's rather funny. Outside of that promo, I discovered this one, which makes no mention of the stipulation.

Ultimately, I can't imagine the main event being laid out any other way. As it makes no sense for the WWE title to be at stake for a tables match alone—especially at this event, Don't get me wrong, if this were another pay-per-view, a tables match would be fine for the main event. However, you can't have a themed event and not have the feature match based around that theme.

In the end, it's probably a lock for a TLC match for the strap. Especially considering, it was announced during Raw. Yes, the WWE has changed matches in the past, but it's usually done to enhance the main event. The fact is, if they change it to a tables match alone, it downgrades the anticipated match.