Why Tamina May Be the Wrong Choice to Protect Vickie Guerrero

Bryan HaasSenior Writer IIApril 9, 2017

Former Raw general manager AJ Lee was put on notice on Raw that if she had any intention of physically confronting Raw managing supervisor Vickie Guerrero in the future, the path would need to go through Tamina Snuka.

The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka is far from a newcomer to the company, making her debut in 2010 as the valet of the Usos. Wrestling fans knew of her pedigree, and along with the second-generation tag team, they enjoyed short-lived success.

Since then, she has been relegated to the occasional Divas contest and an on-screen fling with Santino Marella.

She made her return to the ring on Raw, defeating Alicia Fox in fairly convincing fashion.

But where was Tamina during the confrontation Vickie had with AJ during the Ziggler/Cena match on Raw? Granted, AJ never did anything to Vickie, only looked at her in a menacing manner and walked toward her—but that’s not the point.

It is all well and good that the company wants to give Vickie some insurance, because in their past encounters, AJ has always gotten the better of her counterpart whenever things have gotten physical. But is not the role of a bodyguard to actually protect the person that they’re assigned to protect?

Tamina wasn’t even in the vicinity of Vickie last night.

Sure, AJ can quake in fear at the thought that Tamina is out to get her. But at the end of the day, if she is not around, she is free to do whatever she likes to Vickie without fear of repercussion.

The fact of the matter is that Tamina should be at the top of the Divas division. With her family name and in-ring skills, she could easily dominate the division for years to come. However, she is not a supermodel, and she's not flashy by any stretch of the imagination. A lack of both of those characteristics is likely costing her points in the push department.

If Triple H is looking to legitimize the Divas division with actual wrestlers, Tamina is an excellent (and already under contract) choice for a big role.

But if the company wishes to establish her as a dominant diva, or even make her relevant once more, they need to have her shadow her employer. Wherever Vickie goes, Tamina should be right next to her, on guard for any threat.

Being an occasional bodyguard is not going to accomplish anything other than confusing the WWE Universe. They’ll wonder week to week if she’ll be a presence. And AJ will be free to prey upon Vickie at her leisure.

We have seen Tamina deliver the Superfly Splash several times in recent weeks.

But if she wishes to make a splash in the WWE, she will need to step up her intensity and ensure that Vickie Guerrero stays untouchable.