20 Biggest Divas Currently in the NHL

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20 Biggest Divas Currently in the NHL
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Hockey is a sport known for its humility. 

Whether influenced by the game's "low man on the totem pole" status in the United States or the generally congenial nature of its founders in the Great White North, hockey has a decided lack of egos.

The media eats up the ego game in other sports, broadcasting an hour-long special on LeBron James' moronic "Decision", turning A-Rod's divorce and subsequent trysts into tabloid fodder and breaking down and over-analyzing every postgame press conference rant, self-absorbed Tweet and weekly "guarantee" the NFL has to offer. 

By nature, hockey is polite, team-oriented and quiet. Players have an innate understanding of how to keep drama from spilling out of the locker room and into the media. 

However, the sport's humble nature causes its handful of divas to stick out like sore thumbs. In almost any other sport, the figures on this list would be par for the course; in hockey, they can seem like sideshows. 

Being a diva has nothing to do with a player's abilities. Perhaps hockey's greatest diva of all-time is also one of its legendary goaltenders, the great Patrick Roy. Divas can be talented, they can spark interest in the sport, and they can be the guys whose jerseys you want to buy.

But they are divas nonetheless, and hockey has its own special crop of attention whores. These are the 20 top egomaniacal, spotlight-hogging, all-around drama queens who have made a name for themselves by taking things just a little (or a lot) too far. 

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