How a Conference Realignment Could Help the NBA

Ricky ChanContributor IMarch 20, 2009

The Eastern conference of the NBA sucks. There's only four teams in the East over 40 wins to the West's eight. The West has nine teams over .500. The East has six. New Jersey still has a chance to make make the playoffs at 29-39. Phoenix is fighting for the last spot in the West with 37 wins.

So what do all those stats mean? Probably nothing to me and you, but to the players it means everything. The Southwest division has three Texas teams, and all of them are over 40 wins.

Then there's Memphis, who have no chance at all (17-50). It's unfair to O.J. Mayo and the Grizzlies that he has to face those teams. Plus, there barely in the South West! It's the same situation for Oklahoma.

So what I'm trying to say is break up the West. Take some of the teams that are in a strong division and send them to the East. Maybe the East would actually have a chance in the All-Star game.

If the NBA actually took this advice, what the switches look like. Well, that would be up to them but I think these switches would make sense:

Detroit and Milwaukee for Minnesota and Oklahoma City.

Dallas for Atlanta.

Trade Portland out of the out of the North West for Sacramento in the Pacific (Same Conference).

Trade Denver for Oklahoma.

With these transactions it could make the Conferences in the NBA more exciting and even. We would probably see better NBA Finals and playoffs.

But of course, it is very hard to change conferences. That would mean change in schedules, and I don't think the commissioner would be up for any of that hard work.