WWE Worst of the Week: Ryback, Michael Cole and More!

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistDecember 2, 2012

WWE Worst of the Week: Ryback, Michael Cole and More!

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    This was the week of The Shield in WWE.

    It was one of those episodes of Raw where something so good happened that you may have been able to forgive them for all of the terrible things.

    However, after the three hours were over, it's safe to say that there was a lot wrong with Raw.

    It's too bad that The Shield couldn't have just protected us from the entire show.

    If nothing else, they should have beat up whoever decided that pairing Hornswoggle with Khali was a good idea.

    Well, with that out of the way, it's time to start ranting as we head into December! Here was WWE's worst of the week from November 25th - December 1st.

#5: Ryjerk

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    The Ryback and Vickie Guerrero relationship is complicated.

    Last week, it seemed she wanted to punish Ryback, but then sent Tensai out to face him.

    Besides Tensai losing every single match he's in for the past few months, Ryback had already beat him twice on TV.

    Maybe her plan was to embarrass him and see if Ryback would fail on trying to lift the former Prince Albert again.

    Anyway, this week on Raw, Ryback kicked off the show by destroying O'Neil (more on that later), and then Vickie came out to try and get him to leave.

    Ryback wouldn't budge.

    So what did she do? She offered him everything he wanted. She gave him the match against Punk, made it a title match and even tossed in the TLC stipulation for good measure.

    Yet every demand she gave into, she was interrupted by Ryback loudly, and a bit uncomfortably, yelling "shut up!". Good thing for Vickie that at least she wasn't in the ring with him.

    He sounded more like a hot-headed jerk than a superstar, but it still wasn't as bad as what happened before the match...

#4: Titus O'Neil Is Fed

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    There was no reason for this match to take place.

    In the previous Raw, Titus O'Neil surprised a lot of people with his entertaining commentary.

    He had Cole and Lawler cracking up the whole time, and not in their "Hornswoggle squirting water in Rosa's face"-forced laughter.

    Whatever interest O'Neil created for himself was quickly destroyed when he jobbed to Ryback.

    There was no advanced hype, and O'Neil didn't even have his entrance televised. He quickly lost, and it was never mentioned again.

    The worst part of all was Ryback kicking out of O'Neil's finisher before a one count. How weak does that make every WWE baby face look who has been pinned by that move?

    With so few credible heels in the company today, O'Neil should have been protected. Besides his personality, he has the size that McMahon seems to look for.

    They should have either made a big deal out of this match happening or not booked it at all.

#3: Michael Cole Goes Back to Arguing

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    I thought it was over.

    All of that obnoxious arguing between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler felt like it had come to an end after Lawler's near-fatal heart attack.

    For some reason, though, Cole was back up to his old shtick this week. He didn't do it the entire episode, but he was clearly heeling it up with the King at parts of the show.

    It just doesn't make sense for WWE to have their lead announcer be so obnoxious. He's the one whose job it is to get over the big angles and sell us on the pay-per-views.

    If the main voice of the company is a jerk, it makes it harder to invest in their product.

    Let's hope this was just a one-time thing, and not a glimpse of where we're headed with the announcers again.

    The last thing a company needs is to be on a path where Michael Cole is stripped down to his underwear by John Cena again.

#2: Butt-Biting Entertainment!

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    Do you like watching a small man bite a bigger man on the butt?

    If so, then Raw was the show for you!

    The Great Khali and Hornswoggle are now friends. Apparently, the WWE Universe must have demanded this pairing or something, since Vince always gives the audience what they want.

    On Raw, Ricardo Rodriguez tried to interfere in a match between Khali and Del Rio, only to be chased off and bitten on the backside by Hornswoggle.

    How are we supposed to take WWE's big stories seriously when we get stuff like this?

    Sure, The Shield was pretty cool, but horrendously awful, juvenile attempts at comedy bring the overall show down.

    Somebody needs to shield us from the injustice of watching those two!

    I'd volunteer to be powerbombed through an announcer's table rather than have to sit through The Great Khaliwoggle's weekly adventures.

#1: Cena Defeats Ziggler

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    Ziggler just had his "best week ever". So what did WWE do for his encore?

    Why he jobbed to Cena cleanly, who was on a weak leg, no less!

    In theory, this feud should be over.

    The good guy beat the bad guy against all odds, and then he got the girl after the match. The story is over. Turn off the TV and go to bed!

    Oh wait, it's still going?

    On Smackdown, Ziggler got a little bit of revenge when he knocked out John Cena with his briefcase. That was then undone by the end of the night after he received an Attitude Adjustment.

    Within five days, Cena went through Ziggler, Sandow and Del Rio. That's basically half of the (somewhat) credible heels in the company!

    Ziggler and Cena will most likely face off again at TLC, but now we're supposed to pay for this round.

    Good luck with that Vince!

    Maybe I'll go watch reruns of The Shield, instead. At least they don't have people biting each other's butts.


    Well, that's all for this week. Agree? Disagree? Did anything worse happen? Sound off below!