Best and Worst Case Scenarios for Every BCS Bowl Game

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 27, 2012

Best and Worst Case Scenarios for Every BCS Bowl Game

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    We are officially less than a week away from finding out where every team in college football is going to end up. In just a matter of days, we will find out who will play in the national championship, which teams occupy the remaining BCS bowls and where the rest of the teams end up as bowl season is quickly approaching.

    Although with conference championships taking place, there are still many possibilities to choose from as far as BCS bowls go. There isn't one BCS game that is set in stone just yet, and the different combinations create headaches for most college football fans.

    Like anything in life, we have the good and the bad, but hopefully things play out well and we are treated with another unbelievable month of college football.

    Here are the best and worst case scenarios for all five of the BCS bowl games for the 2012 season.

Rose Bowl

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    Best Case Scenario - Wisconsin vs. Stanford

    Both teams have similar styles in the fact they are power running football teams, and play solid defense. Seeing two smash-mouth programs going at it in the Rose Bowl this year would provide a nice change of pace from the high-scoring affair we saw last season. It would also feature two of the best running backs in the country in Stepfan Taylor and Montee Ball.


    Worst Case Scenario - UCLA vs. Wisconsin

    These two teams appear to be the underdogs in its conference championship games that will take place this weekend. (Pac-12 title game is this Friday.) Wisconsin wouldn't even be eligible for this contest if it wasn't for Penn State and Ohio State getting itself in trouble during the offseason. UCLA has been the surprise team throughout the country, but this is a matchup that doesn’t' really jump out when looking at it.

Orange Bowl

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    Best Case Scenario - Florida State vs. Louisville

    The Seminoles will have no issues helping this game sellout with it taking place in South Florida. Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is also from the Miami area and would be able to do his part in putting fans in the seats. This may be a lopsided matchup in the eyes of many, but the Cardinals are a tough-nosed football team that is capable of playing above average football. This could be closer than you think.


    Worst Case Scenario - Georgia Tech vs. Anybody

    If Georgia Tech finds a way to beat Florida State this weekend, the Yellow Jackets will earn a trip to Miami to play the Big East champion. This is a team that plays little to no defense, has no passing game whatsoever and wouldn't even be playing in the ACC Championship if North Carolina and Miami weren't ineligible this year. The Orange Bowl would probably be the least watched BCS game of the year if Georgia Tech was included.

Sugar Bowl

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    Best Case Scenario - Florida vs. Oklahoma

    This is a rematch of the 2008 national championship and a possible preview of the Champions Bowl that will include an SEC and Big 12 team beginning in 2014. This is your classic matchup of a quality defense going up against an offense that can score points in a hurry. Besides the national championship, this would be one of the most intriguing of all the BCS possibilities.


    Worst Case Scenario - Florida vs. Clemson

    How about this matchup? Oklahoma is playing TCU this weekend and the possibility remains that the Horned Frogs could pull off the major upset at home. A loss and the Sooners will likely fall out of the Top 16, opening up the gate for a team like Clemson. Much like the game against Oklahoma, this is another tough battle between a high-scoring team and a remarkable defense. Even the worst case scenario provides an interesting matchup for the Sugar Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl

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    Best Case Scenario - Kansas State vs. Oregon

    I have talked about this matchup quite a bit, and it remains one of the best bowl possibilities of the 2012 season. This would be one of those games that feature a lot of scoring between the high-flying Duck attack, and a Kansas State offense led by Heisman candidate Collin Klein. Any game that includes Oregon is a must watch, but having the Wildcats as an opponent makes things even better for college football fans everywhere.


    Worst Case Scenario - Oklahoma vs. Oregon

    If Oklahoma knocks off TCU this weekend and Kansas State chokes against Texas, the Sooners will become Big 12 champs and take a trip to the Fiesta Bowl. Much like the Sugar Bowl, this game is in a no-lose situation, as this would again feature a matchup of which team can outscore the opponent. Combined, these two teams average over 90 points a game. Get your popcorn ready!

BCS National Championship Game

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    Best Case Scenario - Notre Dame vs. Alabama

    These are two of the more accomplished programs in all of college football. The two schools have won endless national championships, produced many Heisman trophy winners and have seen hundreds of players reach the NFL. Alabama would hope to continue the SEC dominance, while Notre Dame continues to try and prove the critics wrong by winning. With these two national powerhouses squaring off, the BCS goes out with a bang, in a game that would set a record as far as ratings are concerned.


    Worst Case Scenario - Georgia vs. Notre Dame 

    No disrespect to the Bulldogs, but they aren't Alabama. After seeing the possibility of a once in a lifetime matchup, getting Georgia would make a lot of college football fans across the country cry themselves to sleep. This game would still be a terrific battle between two quality defenses, but after being teased with the Irish and Crimson Tide, anything less would be considered a disappointing national championship.